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The ARC Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter  

Enquiries: +61 8 8313 3533  

Location: Level 1, Physics Building, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA  

Mailing Address: CSSM, Rm. 126, Lvl 1 Physics Building, University of Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia  
The University of Adelaide

Sixth Asia-Pacific Conference on

Few-Body Problems in Physics

APFB 2014

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SpeakerTalk Title
Botta, ElenaResults on light Lambda-hypernuclei by the FINUDA experiment
Carrillo, ManuelRho+ meson form factors in the NJL model
Chambers, AlexHadron Spin Structure from the Feynman-Hellmann Theorem
Chen, Jiunn-WeiFlavor Structure of the Nucleon Sea from Lattice QCD
Chen, Jian-pingTMDs and PVDIS: Jlab 6 Ge-V results and 12 GeV plan
Detmold, WilliamProperties of Light Nuclei from Lattice QCD
Geng, LishengRecent developments in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory
Haberzettl, HelmutGauge-invariance constraints for photoproduction processes
Hall, NathanThe proton's weak charge: yZ box contribution
Hiratsuka, YasuhisaNN pion Faddeev Calculation
Hiyama, EmikoStructure of light hypernuclei
Horiuchi, WataruCorrelated-basis approach to nuclear four- and five-body problems
Hosaka, AtsushiStructure and productions of charmed baryons
Hutauruk, ParadaKaon Elastic Form Factors and Parton Distribution Functions
Hyodo, TetsuoUniversal physics of three bosons with isospin
Ikeda, YoichiSearch for exotic hadrons on the lattice
Isaka, MasahiroStructure of Lambda hypernuclei with the antisymmetrized molecular dynamics method
Kadyrov, AlisherConvergent close-coupling approach to antiproton-induced breakup of molecular hydrogen
Kalantar-Nayestanaki, NasserWhat have we learned from few-nucleon systems at intermediate energies?
Kamleh, WaseemThe structure of the Roper in lattice QCD
Kang, HoyoungProton spin asymmetries and d2 from SANE-HMS data
Kang, HyekooMeasurement of proton g1 function
Khosonthongkee, KhanchaiElectromagnetic form factors of baryons in the perturbative chiral quark model
Kim, AndreyThe BoNuS experiment: a nearly free neutron target
Kim, Hyun-ChulTransverse charge and spin densities of the pion and the nucleon
King, PaulFirst Results from Qweak
Kiratidis, AdrianLattice spectroscopy with multi-particle operators in the negative parity nucleon channel.
Kizilersu, AyseWhere is the mass in Q(E-C)D?
Krein, GastaoHeavy quarks in nuclear matter
Leinweber, DerekThe Lambda 1405 in an anti-keon-nuclear molecule
Limphirat, AyutInvestigation of X(3940) in the 3Po non-relativistic quark model and determination of the model parameters and charmed meson
Liu, XiangTheoretical progress on XYZ states
Liu, Zhan-WeiStudy of the k decay to two pions
Londergan, JohnIntrinsic Quark Distributions in the Nucleon
Matevosyan, HrayrTransverse spin effects in dihadron SIDIS
Ohnishi, ShotaK-d scattering and structure of Lambda(1405)
Owen, BenProbing Nucleon Resonances on the Lattice
Phillips, DanielDescribing halo nuclei using effective field theory
Ryu, Hui-YoungRescattering effects in Lambda(1520) photoproduction off the proton
Sasaki, KenjiN-Xi and Xi-Xi interactions from lattice QCD
Shanahan, PhialaIndirect determination of strange nucleon form factors from lattice QCD
Simenel, CedericFrom two nuclei to many nucleons
Simpson, EdwardCorrelations probed in direct two-nucleon knockout reactions
Solvignon-Slifer, PatriciaShort-range correlation in few body systems
Son, Hyeon-DongEnergy-momentum tensor form factors and transverse densities
Stokes, FinnThe confining structure of QCD at finite temperature
Thomas, SamInstantons and the Hadronic Mass Spectrum in Lattice QCD
Toki, HiroshiGaussian functional method for mesons in linear sigma model
Tornow, WernerFew-Body Physics at HIGS
Trewartha, DanielThe influence of centre vortices on the quark propagator in lattice QCD
Wang, Xuan-GongElectromagnetic mass splitting of the proton and neutron
Yakhshiev, UlugbekNucleonic systems and in-medium nucleons
Yan, YupengPentaquark Configurations of N(1440), N(1520) and N(1535)
Young, RossInelastic scattering parameters from finite volume eigenstates
Zanotti, JamesSU(3)-flavour breaking effects in hadron properties
Zhao, QiangQCD Exotics and Production of Threshold States
Zou, Bing-SongNon-perturbative quark-antiquark pair production from gluon field


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