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The ARC Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter  

Enquiries: +61 8 8313 3533  

Location: Level 1, Physics Building, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA  

Mailing Address: CSSM, Rm. 126, Lvl 1 Physics Building, University of Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia  
The University of Adelaide

Sixth Asia-Pacific Conference on

Few-Body Problems in Physics

APFB 2014

Summary | Schedule | Talks | Photographs

Monday 7 April

9:30amKenji SasakiN-Xi and Xi-Xi interactions from lattice QCD
10:00amXiang LiuTheoretical progress on XYZ states
10:30amDerek LeinweberThe Lambda 1405 in an anti-keon-nuclear molecule
11:20amBing-Song ZouNon-perturbative quark-antiquark pair production from gluon field
11:50amAlisher KadyrovConvergent close-coupling approach to antiproton-induced breakup of molecular hydrogen
12:20pmEdward SimpsonCorrelations probed in direct two-nucleon knockout reactions
2:20pmLisheng GengRecent developments in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory
2:50pmYupeng YanPentaquark Configurations of N(1440), N(1520) and N(1535)
3:20pmRoss YoungInelastic scattering parameters from finite volume eigenstates
4:10pmBen OwenProbing Nucleon Resonances on the Lattice
4:30pmHoyoung KangProton spin asymmetries and d2 from SANE-HMS data
4:50pmDaniel TrewarthaThe influence of centre vortices on the quark propagator in lattice QCD
5:10pmShota OhnishiK-d scattering and structure of Lambda(1405)
5:30pmTo reception at Hahndorf Inn
5:45pmReception commences

Tuesday 8 April

9:30amGastao KreinHeavy quarks in nuclear matter
10:00amJiunn-Wei ChenFlavor Structure of the Nucleon Sea from Lattice QCD
10:30amUlugbek YakhshievNucleonic systems and in-medium nucleons
11:20amPatricia Solvignon-SliferShort-range correlation in few body systems
11:50amWataru HoriuchiCorrelated-basis approach to nuclear four- and five-body problems
12:20pmNasser Kalantar-NayestanakiWhat have we learned from few-nucleon systems at intermediate energies?
2:20pmWilliam DetmoldProperties of Light Nuclei from Lattice QCD
2:50pmYoichi IkedaSearch for exotic hadrons on the lattice
3:20pmJames ZanottiSU(3)-flavour breaking effects in hadron properties
4:10pmPhiala ShanahanIndirect determination of strange nucleon form factors from lattice QCD
4:30pmManuel Carrillo-SerranoRho+ meson form factors in the NJL model
4:50pmHyeon-Dong SonEnergy-momentum tensor form factors and transverse densities
5:10pmHyekoo KangMeasurement of proton g1 function
5:30pmAlex ChambersHadron Spin Structure from the Feynman-Hellmann Theorem

Wednesday 9 April

9:30amJian-Ping ChenTMDs and PVDIS: Jlab 6 Ge-V results and 12 GeV plan
10:00amHrayr MatevosyanTransverse spin effects in dihadron SIDIS
10:30amHyun-Chul KimTransverse charge and spin densities of the pion and the nucleon
11:20amCederic SimenelFrom two nuclei to many nucleons
11:50amDaniel PhillipsDescribing halo nuclei using effective field theory
12:20pmGrab & Go Lunch
12:40pmBus departs for Excursion
Cleland National Park
4:00pmDepart Cleland
Mt Lofty Look-out
4:30pmDepart Mt Lofty Look-out
5:15pmArrive Longview Winery
5:30pmPre-dinner Drinks
6:15pmSeated for Dinner
9:00pmLoad bus before departure
9:15pmDepart Longview Winery

Thursday 10 April

9:30amPaul KingFirst Results from Qweak
10:00amTim LonderganIntrinsic Quark Distributions in the Nucleon
10:30amHui-Young RyuRescattering effects in Lambda(1520) photoproduction off the proton
11:20amWaseem KamlehThe structure of the Roper in lattice QCD
11:50amYasuhisa HiratsukaNN pion Faddeev Calculation
12:20pmTetsuo HyodoUniversal physics of three bosons with isospin
2:20pmNathan HallThe proton's weak charge: yZ box contribution
2:40pmParada HutaurukKaon Elastic Form Factors and Parton Distribution Functions
3:00pmAdrian KiratidisLattice spectroscopy with multi-particle operators in the negative parity nucleon channel.
3:20pmSamuel ThomasInstantons and the Hadronic Mass Spectrum in Lattice QCD
3:40pmFinn StokesThe confining structure of QCD at finite temperature
4:20pmEmiko HiyamaStructure of light hypernuclei
4:50pmMasahiro IsakaStructure of Lambda hypernuclei with the antisymmetrized molecular dynamics method
5:20pmElena BottaResults on light Lambda-hypernuclei by the FINUDA experiment
5:50pmAyut LimphiratInvestigation of X(3940) in the 3Po non-relativistic quark model and determination of the model parameters and charmed meson

Friday 11 April

9:30amHiroshi TokiGaussian functional method for mesons in linear sigma model
10:00amQiang ZhaoQCD Exotics and Production of Threshold States
10:30amZhan-Wei LiuStudy of the k decay to two pions
11:20amAtsushi HosakaStructure and productions of charmed baryons
11:50amKhanchai KhosonthongkeeElectromagnetic form factors of baryons in the perturbative chiral quark model
12:20pmXuan-Gong WangElectromagnetic mass splitting of the proton and neutron
2:20pmAyse KizilersuWhere is the mass in Q(E-C)D?
2:50pmWerner TornowFew-Body Physics at HIGS
3:20pmHelmut HaberzettlGauge-invariance constraints for photoproduction processes


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