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The ARC Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter  

Enquiries: +61 8 8313 3533  

Location: Level 1, Physics Building, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA  

Mailing Address: CSSM, Rm. 126, Lvl 1 Physics Building, University of Adelaide, SA 5005, Australia  
The University of Adelaide

To locate a particular speaker's title, please see the online program and click on a speaker's name

Talks have been uploaded. Please click a speaker's title to download their presentation. Warning: Some files may be large.

I. Afnan (Flinders)

"The electric dipole moment of light nuclei"

D. Geesaman (ANL)

"The old man and the sea"

D. Leinweber (Adelaide)

"Lattice and chiral effective field theory"

S. Krewald (Juelich)

"Meson-baryon dynamics as a tool for baryon resonance analysis"

D. Phillips (Ohio)

"A new extraction of the isoscalar pi-N scattering length a^+ from pionic deuterium data"

B. Blankleider (Flinders)

"Electromagnetic currents of the pion-nucleon system"

C. Roberts (ANL)

"Empirically charting dynamical chiral symmetry breaking"

G. Chanfray (Lyon)

"Scalar response of the nucleon, chiral symmetry and nuclear matter properties"

G. Dunne (Connecticut)

"Crystalline condensates in the chiral symmetry breaking phase diagram"

F. Myhrer (South Carolina)

"Effective field theory and electro-weak processes"

W. Detmold (William & Mary)

"Many-hadron systems in lattice QCD"

J.-C. Peng (Illinois)

"Partonic substructure of nucleons and nuclei with dimuon production"

A. Signal (Massey)

"Strangeness in the meson cloud model"

T. Londergan (Indiana)

"The NuTeV anomaly: solved?"

R. Holt (ANL)

"From the nucleus to the quarks"

W. Melnitchouk (Jefferson Lab)

"Nucleon structure at large x"

I. Cloet (Washington)

"The structure of an in-medium nucleon"

W. Weise (TU Munich)

"The spin of the nucleon - walking in Tony's footsteps"

M. Burkardt (New Mexico State)

"Transverse structure of hadrons"

W. Bentz (Tokai)

"The NJL-jet model for quark fragmentation functions"

A. Szczepaniak (Indiana)

"Nucleon structure as seen in DVCS"

A. Schreiber (Adelaide)

"The ultimate complex system: networks in molecular biology"

G. Miller (Washington)

"Travels with Tony"

P. Guichon (Saclay)

"Hadron properties from twisted mass lattice QCD"

J. Zanotti (Edinburgh)

"Lattice investigation of nucleon structure at light quark masses"

H. Matevosyan (Adelaide)

"Kaon Fragmentation Function from NJL-Jet"

G. Schierholz (DESY)

"QCD light"

R. Young (Adelaide)

"The role of strange quarks in nucleon structure"

R. Carlini (Jefferson Lab)

"A search for new physics via the proton weak-charge measurement"

S. Gardner (Kentucky)

"Flavor physics, CP violation, and the search for physics beyond the standard model"

W. van Oers (Manitoba/TRIUMF)

"Electroweak tests of the standard model: an 11 GeV Moller experiment at Jefferson Laboratory"

V. Flambaum (New South Wales)

"Variation of fundamental constants from Big Bang to atomic clocks and QCD calculations"

K. Maltman (York)

"Recent progress on high-precision determinations of alpha_s from the lattice and tau decays"

B. McKellar (Melbourne)

"Fermions, scalars and dark energy"

G. Krein (UNESP)

"Charmed matter"

C. Allton (Swansea)

"Charmonium melting in the quark-gluon phase of QCD"

A. Sibirtsev (Bonn)

"Charmonuim dissociation in matter: perspectives from CERN to JLab"

F. Steffens (Mackenzie)

"Thermodynamics of quasi-particles in a quark-gluon plasma"

J. Zhang (Zhejiang)

"Glueballs at finite temperature"

S. Lawley (Uranex)

"Living on a radioactive planet: the pros and cons"

J. Speth (Juelich)

"Coherent Structures in Nuclei and Financial Markets"

M. Bartolozzi (Boronia Capital)

"The Microscopic Structure of Financial Markets: a brief introduction for physicists"

P. Tandy (Kent State)

"Soft and hard scale QCD dynamics in mesons"

J. Carroll (Adelaide)

"QMC and the nature of dense matter: Written in the stars?"

K. Tsushima (Jefferson Lab)

"Photoproduction of hypernuclei in the quark-meson coupling model"

W. Kamleh (Adelaide)

"Wave function of the nucleon"

( animations and a tarball for this presentation can be found in this folder )

H. O'Connell (Fermilab)

"A Tony Thomas inspired guide to INSPIRE"

A. Kizilersu (Adelaide)

"Full nonperturbative analysis of unquenched QED"

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