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Here are the ongoing and recent activities of the South-Australian Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics.

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The 2011 Year

Free Special Screening
Date: Tuesday 12th April, 7:00 pm
Event: Yuri's Night
Location: Kerr Grant Lecture Theatre, Physics Building University of Adelaide

Free Public lecture
Date: Thursday 26th May, 7:30 pm
Speaker: Professor Anthony W. Thomas FAA
Title:Exploring the Fundamental Laws of the Universe
Location: Napier 102 lecture theatre, Napier Building University of Adelaide

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The 2008 Year

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The 2007 Year

Claire Corani Memorial lecture
Date: Wednesday 12th December, 7:30 pm
Speaker: Prof Tanya Monro

Joint meeting with the ASSA
Date: Wednesday 7th November, 8:00 pm
Speaker: Dr David Malin

Members' lecture
Date: Monday 15th October, 7:30 pm
Speaker: Prof. Fred Watson

Super Science Quiz
Date: Friday 24th August, 2-5pm

Joint meeting with the IEEE
Date: Monday 2nd July, 7:30 pm
Speaker: Prof. Tanya Monro

Members' lecture
Date: Monday 28th May, 7:30 pm
Speaker: Dr Terry Burns

Free public lecture
Date: Wednesday 11th April, 7:30pm
Speaker: US Astronaut Marsha S. Ivins

Student Night
Date: Thursday 8th March, 7:30pm
Speakers: Clancy James, Jingxian Yu and Hong Ji

Public lecture and Bronze Bragg presentation
Date: Thursday 15th February, 7:30pm
Speaker: Dr Robert Loss

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The 2006 Year

Claire Corani Memorial lecture
Date: Wednesday 1st November, 7:30pm
Speaker: Prof. Deborah Kane

Free public lecture and joint meeting
Date: Thursday 28th September, 6:30pm
Speaker: Prof. Rod Boswell

Joint meeting with the ASSA
Date: Wednesday 6th September,8:30pm
Speaker: Prof. Fred Watson

Super Science Quiz
Date: Friday 18th August, 2-5pm

Theatrical production
Date: Thursday 17th and Friday 18 thAugust, 7:30pm
Performer: Prof. Mike Gore

Free public lecture
Date: Friday 11th August, 7:30pm
Speaker: Professor David Jamieson

Student Night
Date: Thursday 27th July, 7:30 pm
Speakers: Sean Manning, Alec Deslandes

Free public lecture
Date: Friday 21st July, 7:30 pm
Speaker: Prof. Sylvester James Gates Jr

Free public lecture
Date: Wednesday 12th July, 7:30 pm
Speaker: NASA astronaut Robert L Satcher Jr

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The 2005 Year

Annual AGM Dinner
Date: Wednesday 30th November, 7:30 pm
After-dinner speaker: Prof. Michael Gore
Location: Public Schools' Club (207 East Terrace)

Annual General Meeting
Date: Wednesday 30th November, 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm
Location: Public Schools' Club (207 East Terrace)

Joint meeting with the IEEE
Date: Tuesday 15th November, 6:15 pm
Speaker: Dr Rod Crewther and Dr Sam Drake
Subject: "1905 Einstein's Miraculous Year"

Joint meeting with the ASSA
Date: Wednesday 5th October, 8:00pm
Speaker: Dr Frank Briggs
Subject: "Exploring the Dark Age with radio telescopes in Australia"

Public lecture
"Measurements of the Effects of Ageing and Playing on the Violin
by Dr Ra Inta
Date: Wednesday 14 th September

2005 Student Night
Date: Thursday 8 th September

AIP Super Science Quiz
Date: Friday 19 th August

A Shortcut to Space
including a talk by Dr Olivia Samardzic
Date: Sunday 7 th August

Public lecture
by Col. Pamela Melroy (NASA astronaut)
Date: Friday 8 th July

Public lecture
"Einstein's theory of Special Relativity: Light, time and Space
by David Jamieson (Melb. Uni., AIP President)
Date: Wednesday 22 th June

Public lecture
Date: Thursday 19th May
Speaker: Mr David Reneke
Subject: "Secrets of the Universe"

Public lecture
Date: Tuesday 26th April
Speaker: A/Prof. Matthew England
Subject: "Ocean Circulation and Climate - what's in store for the next century?"

SA Launch of the Einstein International Year of Physics

Claire Corani Memorial lecture

2003 Gold Bragg Medal lecture

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The 2004 Year

Annual General Meeting
Date: Wednesday 24th November, 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm
Location: Public Schools' Club (207 East Terrace)

AGM dinner
Date: Wednesday 24th November, 7:30 pm
Location: Public Schools' Club (207 East Terrace)

Joint meeting with the ASSA

The 2004 AIP-SA Super Science Quiz

Claire Corani Memorial lecture

Joint meeting with the RACI

Student Night

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The 2003 Year

Annual General Meeting
Date: Thursday 27th November, 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm
Location: Public Schools' Club (207 East Terrace)

AGM dinner
Date: Thursday 27th November, 7:30 pm
Location: Public Schools' Club (207 East Terrace)

Student Night

Careers Night

AIP Women-in-Physics lecture
Speaker: Prof. Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, University of Queensland

Super Science Quiz

"Radio Telescopes of the Future”
AIP/ASSA joint meeting
Speaker: Dr Melanie Johnston-Hollitt

"The Didjeridu: a triumph of mind over matter”
AIP Free Public Lecture
Speaker: A/Professor Lloyd Hollenberg

"The Earliest Australians --- A Physicist Visits Australia's Past"
AIP Free Public Lecture
Speaker: Emeritus Professor John Prescott

"Complex Systems: From Subatomic Physics to Financial Markets"
Speaker: Professor Josef Speth

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The 2002 Year

To Mars and Beyond: Plasma Thrusting into the Future
by Rod Boswell

Annual General Meeting/ Annual Dinner

Careers Night

Astronomical Reflections
AIP/ASSA Joint Members' Lecture
by David Malin

Physics and its Masters: echo of Eureka on the streets of today
Public Lecture (Claire Corani Memoral Lecture/Women in Physics Lecture Tour)
by Lidia Morawska (Queensland University of Technology)

Student Night
Susan Gunner (Flinders University of South Australia)
Aidan Brooks (University of Adelaide)
and presentation of the Silver Bragg Medals

Joint AIP/AIB Members' Meeting
Speaker: Andrea Gerson (Ian Wark Research Institute, UniSA)

The 2002 AIP-SA Science Quiz

AIP dinner "Meet the president"
Dinner with AIP president John O'Connor (Newcastle)

Perspectives in Space Environment Research
Panel: Dr Paul Bellaire, Prof Abraham Chian and Prof Yohsuke Kamide

"Quantum Information Science"
Public Lecture
by A/prof Michael Nielsen
Principal Research Fellow, Dept. of Physics, University of Queensland, and
Program Manager (Quantum Information Theory), Centre for Quantum Computer Technology

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The 2001 Year
Annual General Meeting
Held at the Public Schools Club
After dinner speaker: Emeritus Prof John Prescott
University of Adelaide

"Space, Time and Matter"
Public Lecture
by Emeritus Prof. Roy Chisholm
University of Kent

"PSR J0437-4715: This is your life!"
Joint AIP/ASSA Members' Meeting
by Prof Matthew Bailes
Swinburne University

"Penguins, ice and the ionosphere: Antarctic physics"
Members' Lecture
by Dr Todd Maddern
Flinders University of SA

Flinders Physics Club Event
Talk by Jayson Priest, followed by Pizza

Student Night
Presentation of the Silver Bragg Awards (for the year 2000) and talks by postgraduate students from each SA University on their research work

SPACED dinner
Dinner and talk
by Dr Peter Szekeres
(AIP supported event)

Out of the Lab - Seeing Science in Cultural Terms
Brunch and talk
with Margaret Wertheim
Internationally noted science writer and commentator

Gravitational waves: a new window to the Universe
Public Lecture
by Dr Gabriela Gonzalez
Dept. of Physics, Pennyslvania State University

2001 AIP-SA Science Quiz
Science Quiz
A national Science week event
run by AIP-SA for high-school students

Very elementary Particle Physics
Public Lecture
by Prof. M. J. G. Veltman
Emeritus Prof, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
1999 Nobel Laureate

THE BELL -- More to it than meets the ear?
Members' Lecture
by Hervey Bagot
Proprietor of Bagot Bellfoundries

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The 2000 Year
Annual General Meeting

Time travel: fact or fiction?
Public Lecture by Prof. Paul Davies

A Wider Range of Career Opportunities for Physicists
Dr Tony Butterfield, Australian Taxation Office,
Dr Ian Tuohy, British Aerospace (Aust.)
Professor John Prescott, University of Adelaide.

(The 2000 Claire Corani Memorial Lecture)
by Dr Michelle Simmons,
School of Physics,
University of New South Wales

AIP-SA Quiz Night

Education Subcommittee - Teacher Training Session
Date & Time:
Friday, 1 September 2000 @ 6:00pm
Saturday, 2 September 2000 @ 9:00am

AIP-SA Quiz Night
Date: Tuesday, 25 August 2000
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Upper Refectory, Level 4, Union Building, University of Adelaide

AIP-SA General Meeting
Date: Tuesday, 8 August 2000
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Kerr Grant

AIP Student Night
A Relativistic Model of Pion-Nucleon Scattering by Andrew Lahiff (Flinders U.)
Radar Velocity Studies in Meteor Astronomy by Daniel Badger (U. of Adelaide)
Nano-Bubbles and Computer Simulations of Surface Tension by Michael Moody (U. of SA)

South Australian Space School

Laser-Assisted Collision Processes
by Prof. Peter Teubner ,
Flinders University of South Australia

The Subatomic Structure of Matter and the Origin of Mass
by Prof. Tony Thomas,
Director, Special Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter

AIP Student Members Event
BBQ and launch of the Adelaide Uni. Physics Club

Measuring the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope
by Dr. Brian Schmidt,
ANU Research School of
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Note: This was a National Science Week event.
The Bronze Bragg Medals were presented at this meeting.

Mars Direct: Humans to the Red Planet within a Decade
by Dr. Robert M. Zubrin,
Pioneer Astronautics

Medical Physics Tour
Tours of both the Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (imaging) departments of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

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The 1999 Year
Stockport Observatory Visit
A viewing night for AIP-SA members.

AGM and dinner
After dinner speaker : Dr Peter Pockley

Black Holes
by Prof. Don Page,
CIAR Cosmology and Gravitation Fellow
and Professor of Physics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Champagne Supernova In The Sky
(A joint AIP-SA / ASSA lecture)
by Dr Bryan Gaensler,
Young Australian of the Year

AIP-SA Student Association Launch

OPTICS: Don't Leave Home Without It!
by Prof. Jesper Munch,
Department of Physics and Mathematical Physics,
University of Adelaide.

AIP Student Night
Electrokinetic Phenomena in a Non-Polar Colloidal System by Suparno (U. South Australia)
Experimental Observations of Coulomb Crystals by Nathan J. Prior (Flinders U.)
Calculating the Mass of the Proton by Stewart V. Wright (U. Adelaide)

Wormholes, Warp Drive, and Negative Energy
by Prof. Larry H. Ford,
Department of Physics,
Tufts University,
Medford, Massachussetts, U.S.A.

"Cosmic explosions and the creation of the elements - you are made of star stuff!"
(The 1999 Claire Corani Memorial Lecture)
by Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell,
The Open University
Milton Keynes

Two's company, three's a crowd (until recently)!
by A/Prof. Igor Bray,
School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences
Flinders University

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The 1998 Year
Supercomputer Experiments with Quarks and Gluons
by Dr. Greg Kilcup, The Ohio State University

Icy Poles on the Moon
by Nick Stacy, Defence Science and Technology Organization.

Bigger and Better Questions About the Big Bang:
Interesting Aspects of Cosmology
by Dr. Charley Lineweaver (U. New South Wales)
Joint Meeting of the Australian Institute of Physics (SA branch) and the Astronomical Society of South Australia.

AIP Student Night
Superelastic Electron Scattering by Kym Stockman (Flinders U.)
Thin Polymeric Film Adhesives by Ben Francis (U. South Australia)
Studying the Highest Energy Particles in Nature by Christopher Wilkinson (U. Adelaide)

Gluons and Gigaflops
by Dr. Christine Davies (Uiversity of Glasgow)
The 1998 Claire Corani Memorial Lecture

Ancient Andean Astronomy
by Dr. David Dearborn (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
The Australian Academy of Science's 1998 Selby Fellow

Advances in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Use of Radiation
by Prof. John M. Cameron (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility)
A Joint Meeting of the National Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter

Recent Progress Towards A Theory Of Everything
by Dr. Peter Bouwknegt, University of Adelaide

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The 1997 Year
On Weather and Space Weather in the Earth's Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere
by Prof. Michael Kelley
Space Plasma Physics, School of Electrical Engineering, Cornell University

Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width : A Blacksmith's Guide To Optical Lineshapes
by Dr Brian Henderson
University of Strathclyde

Supernova Explosions, Black Holes And Nucleon Stars
by Professor Gerald E Brown
Department of Physics
State University of New York
Stony Brook, New York

Black Holes, White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars
by Dr Matthew Bailes
University of Melbourne

AIP Student Night
Variable SBS Pulse Compressor for Nonlinear Optical Measurements by Patrick Klovekorn (U. Adelaide)
Surface Force Measurement Between Solid and Fluid Surfaces by Jason Connor (U. South Australia)
Electron Momentum Spectroscopy of Solids by Shane Canney (Flinders U.)
and of the presentation of Silver Bragg Medals
and of Claire Corani awards.

Site Visit : SCANTECH Ltd

Women in Physics: Free Public Lecture
by Dr Rachel Webster
University of Melbourne

Astronomy From The South Pole
by Dr Michael Ashley
Department of Astrophysics, University of NSW

Detecting a Human Influence on Global Climate
by Professor David Karoly
CRC for Southern Hemisphere Meteorology

Free Public Lecture
by Scott E. Parazynski (M.D.)
NASA Astronaut

Annual General Meeting

Trapped Ions, Schroedinger's Cat, and Quantum Computation
by Dr David Wineland
NIST, Boulder

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