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Laser-Assisted Collision Processes

Prof. Peter Teubner
Flinders University of South Australia

Tuesday, 20th June at 7:30pm in the
Flentje lecture theatre,
  Note date and venue change!
University of Adelaide

The use of lasers in experiments involving electron collisions with atoms has proven to be a very successful technique. On the one hand this technique permits scattering from specific atomic states and on the other hand it provides a means of detecting product states that are impossible to detect by other means. Examples will be given of each of these applications. Specifically we will discuss the technique of superelastic electron scattering from the alkalis and the role that these experiments have played in the development of scattering theory. We will also discuss the use of lasers in the measurement of cross sections for the electronic excitation of the D states in copper and in gold.

Prof. Teubner did his undergraduate degree at Adelaide University, where he subsequently completed a PhD in 1967. Following two years as a research associate at the University of Pittsburg, he was appointed as a lecturer at the Flinders University of South Australia, where he is now a Professor in Physics. His research is in Electron Scattering from Atoms and Molecules.

Members are invited to have dinner prior to the lecture from 6:00pm onwards at Caffe Buongiorno (187 Rundle Street, Adelaide).
Bookings should be made by noon on the day of the lecture with the AIP-SA Secretary.

Visitors, particularly undergraduate students in Physics, are welcome to attend this lecture.

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