Australian Institute of Physics

South Australian Branch

Science outside the square

at 4:30 pm on Sunday 7th August 2005 in

Investigator Science and Technology Centre at the Regency TAFE

"A Shortcut to Space"

Dr Olivia Samardzic tells an audience of all ages about the shortcuts to space.

Pre-talk publicity:

Did you know that Australia was the third country in the world to launch a satellite from its own soil and that the launch took place in our own backyard at Woomera? Or that there are actually three Australians who have become astronauts?

Astronauts get out there and travel through space. But what are they looking for? See footage from Andy Thomas’ final mission in space; also on screen will be NASA shuttle pilot, Colonel Pamela Melroy, who will explore these frontiers.

This event brings astronauts, astrophysicists and rocket scientists together to answer some important questions - particularly some of your questions: What it is like in space? Why do we travel there? What’s the Adelaide connection? Can I become an astronaut?

This promises to be a unique experience as we look at the world and beyond through an astronaut’s eyes.

Come and talk with people who know all about rocket science and astrophysics, including:

Dr Olivia Samardzic, Chair of the Australian Institute of Physics (SA), also runs a multi-million dollar task in laser warning and countermeasure systems at the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Olivia knows the shortcuts to space, being closely involved with both the South Australian Space School and the Australian International Space School.

Roger Clay, Astrophysicist at the University of Adelaide, studies the charged particles, cosmic rays, which arrive at Earth after travelling for millions of years from their sources in our, and other, galaxies. He is a senior member of the Pierre Auger International Collaborative Observatory in Argentina.

Dr Rob Morrison, well known for co-hosting Curiosity Show, now shares his immense scientific knowledge in roles that include: President of the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia, Chair of the Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoological Park Boards and Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Flinders University. In 2004, Rob was awarded the Order of Australia for his services to conservation and science communication.

See the world through the eyes of NASA astronauts.

Dr Andy Thomas worked in various areas on Earth before becoming an astronaut, from vehicle aerodynamics to propulsion systems. Andy first blasted into Space in May 1996, completing 160 orbits, travelling 6.6 million kilometres and logging 240 hours and 39 minutes in space. In 1998, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, he clocked up 141 days in space and 2,250 orbits.

Colonel Pamela Melroy worked for the United States Air Force where she logged over 5000 hours flight time in over 45 different aircraft before joining NASA in 1994. Pamela has been involved in the installation of parts of the International Space Station and has spent 562 hours in space.

Jane Reilly is Network Ten Adelaide’s vivacious weather presenter, a Logie award winner, Patron of the Eating Disorders Association of South Australia, former National Beach Girl, Family Ambassador for the Office of Families and qualified school teacher.

This event is presented in association with the Australian Institute of Physics – a professional association that promotes the role of physics in research, education, industry and the community – and is supported by the Defence, Science, Technology Organisation, the Australian International Space School and the Investigator Science and Technology Centre.