Australian Institute of Physics

South Australian Branch

Public Lecture

Public Lecture
2001 AIP Women in Physics Lecture Tour
National Science Week Event

Monday, 14th May, 2001, at 7:30pm
in Union Hall, University of Adelaide ,

Gravitational Waves: a new window to the Universe
by Dr Gabriela Gonzalez


Gravitational waves provide a new and unique way to look at the Universe, making possible the study of black holes and strong gravity fields. Even though their existence was predicted by Einstein at the beginning of the century, they are weak enough to have escaped detection so far. large-scale interferometric observatories are being built over the world (including Australia!) to find the elusive waves and create a new and different map of the sky. I will describe the allure of gravitational waves, the experimental challenge involved in their detection, and the exciting prospects for the near future.

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