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at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 26th April 2005

in Union Hall at the University of Adelaide

"Ocean Circulation and Climate - what's in store for the next century?"

by A/Prof Matthew England ,

Director, Centre for Environmental Modelling and Prediction,

School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales

The oceans play a profound role in regulating the Earth's climate system. They move huge amounts of heat around the planet, releasing this back into the atmosphere at preferred locations. Without the oceans, our planet would be subjected to extreme heat in the tropics and the polar regions would be in a permanent glacial state. Besides cycling heat from low to high latitudes, the oceans absorb an immense amount of carbon dioxide as well as providing the moisture required to generate much needed rainfall. Will our oceans change in the future? If so, how quickly? And what will this mean for our climate? This talk will examine how the earth's oceans regulate our climate and how this might change over the next century.