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at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 11th April 2007

in the Napier 102 lecture theatre in the Napier building

at the University of Adelaide

"Practical Space Flight"
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by Marsha S. Ivins

NASA Astronaut

Astronaut Office, Space Station/Shuttle Branches for Crew Equipment, Habitability and Stowage, and the Advanced projects branch, Johnson Space Center

NASA EXPERIENCE: Ms. Ivins has been employed at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center since July 1974, and until 1980, was assigned as an engineer, working on orbiter displays and controls and man machine engineering. She holds a multi-engine Airline Transport Pilot License with Gulfstream-1 type rating, single engine airplane, land, sea, and glider commercial licenses, and airplane, instrument, and glider flight instructor ratings. She has logged over 6,600 hours in civilian and NASA aircraft.

Ms. Ivins was selected in the NASA Astronaut Class of 1984 as a mission specialist. A veteran of five space flights, (STS-32 in 1990, STS-46 in 1992, STS-62 in 1994, STS-81 in 1997, and STS-98 in 2001), Ms. Ivins has logged over 1,318 hours in space.

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Olivia Samardzic, Marsha Ivins, Jamie Quinton and Mike Roach. Olivia and Mike are coordinators of the Space School which brought Marsha to Adelaide. Jamie is the Chair of the SA branch of the AIP.