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Free Public Lecture

Supercomputer Experiments with Quarks and Gluons

Dr. Greg Kilcup
The Ohio State University

Wednesday, 9th December at 7.30pm in the
Flentje Lecture Theatre, University of Adelaide

Feature! You can review some of Prof. Kilcup's best presentations of quarks and gluons as visualized by supercomputer simulations of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) at

Abstract: Over the course of the past three decades, theoretical physicists have erected an elegant framework which provides an understanding of the interactions between the smallest particles ever discovered. It is commonly believed that this so-called Standard Model of particle physics is not the last word, and that something even more elegant must lie underneath to describe the universe around us. In this talk I will explain how the pursuit of such theories has led one community of physicists to perform large scale numerical simulations involving hundreds of billions of arithmetic operations every second over periods of months to years. These simulations push the limits of existing supercomputers, and in some cases have motivated research groups to build their own supercomputers. This presentation will use computer animations to visualize quarks and gluons at work.

Biography: Gregory Kilcup is an Associate Professor of Physics at the Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio). Educated at Yale and Harvard, Dr. Kilcup is a leader in the field of numerical quantum field theory. Among his distinctions are being named an Outstanding Junior Investigator and a Presidential Young Investigator.

Dinner: Members and CSSM workshop delegates are invited to have dinner prior to the lecture from 6pm onwards in the Equinox restaurant in the Union building at the University of Adelaide. Bookings, which are helpful but not essential, should be made by noon on Wed. 9th December with the AIP-SA Secretary or with Ms. Tanya Weir on (08) 8303 5996.

Notes: Dr. Kilcup is in Adelaide to participate in the joint NITP/CSSM Workshop on Lattice QCD, December 7-18 1998, at the Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter (CSSM), Level 4, 10 Pulteney St., Adelaide. He will be available for interviews from December 7th to January 30th and can be contacted at the CSSM by phone (8303-3533) or fax (8303-3551).

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