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A Wider Range of Career Opportunities for Physicists

Monday, 30th October at 7:30pm in the
Kerr Grant lecture theatre,
University of Adelaide


A number of Australian physicists have taken up very responsible and rewarding positions in spheres lying outside the academic and research streams of physics, including business and finance. The current CEOs of Telstra and British Airways both hold PhDs in nuclear physics. Other CEOs of major hospitals and some Heads of Commonwealth Government Departments hold PhD degrees in physics.

So how did they do it? And what do they (and perhaps you) have to offer in these non-traditional fields for physics graduates? Here to tell us something about these questions, and to provoke some debate on the employment of physicists, are Dr Tony Butterfield, Assistant Commissioner for Taxation, ATO Canberra, and Dr Ian Tuohy, Scientific Manager, British Aerospace (Australia). Also, Prof John Prescott of Adelaide University will comment on his jobs surveys.

Dr Tony Butterfield graduated with a PhD from Adelaide University in 1969 in solid state (thermoluminescence) physics. After working in and eventually managing a government laboratory, he has since run a number of other enterprises including the ACT Schools and is currently helping to solve many of the problems associated with the introduction of the GST. He knows most of the PhDs in high government positions and works daily with politicians. He knows how to apply standard physical and mathematical techniques, including variance analysis, to data in a very different field. He uses the results in decision making for his Department. The AIP has invited Tony to write an article for the Physicist and this talk will be central to the formulation of the article.

Dr Ian Tuohy also graduated from Adelaide University about 1970. After a traditional career in astrophysics, in particular in rocket and space experiments in X-ray astronomy, culminating with a staff position at Mt Stromlo & Siding Spring Observatories, he left in the 1980s to take up a management position at British Aerospace (Aust.) where he is realising the commercial potential of his knowledge.

Professor John Prescott is one of Australia's most knowledgeable authorities on physics careers. He has been tracking job advertisments and reviewing career opportunities for the Physicist.

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