Australian Institute of Physics

South Australian Branch

Site Visit: SCANTECH / MCI

6.15pm Tuesday 8th July 1997

AIP members are invited to a site visit of Scantech Ltd. This company has product brand names which include COALSCAN, IRONSCAN, FLEETCOM, GEOSCAN, AIRTRAK and SIROTEM . Example products are:

Natural Gamma (uses natural gamma radiation to find the ash Ash Monitor content of coal directly on the conveyor)

Through Belt Ash & Moisture Monitor (transmits gamma rays and microwaves to measure ash and moisture content of coal on conveyor)

Elemental Coal (uses Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis Analysis System for complete on-line analysis of coal)

Photochemical (evaluates ambient air quality, photochemical Smog Monitor smog and the underlying precursor conditions)

Carbon in Fly Ash Monitor (uses microwaves to measure unburnt carbon in fly ash so as to optimise boiler efficiency)

The visit will include Mineral Control Instrumentation Pty. Ltd. (MCI) which provides high technology solutions for the on-line analysis of bulk materials and environmental management. The visit will be followed by an optional dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Address: Scantech/MCI, 34-40 Maple Ave., Forestville (off Anzac Highway)
Date: Tuesday 8th July 1997 Time: 6:15pm Duration: 90 minutes
Parking: In the street adjacent to the premises
Bookings: These are ESSENTIAL for both the tour and the dinner and should be made with Ms Tanya Weir by Wednesday July 2nd by phoning (08) 8303 5996 or sending electronic mail to
Dinner: In the Peacock Room, Chinese and Indonesian Restaurant, 152 Goodwood Rd. at 7:45 pm. (reserved in the name of the AIP).