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Free Public Lecture presented by the

Australian Institute of Physics - S.A. Branch
(A joint National Science Week Activity)

Measuring the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope

Dr. Brian Schmidt
ANU Research School of
Astronomy and Astrophysics

Wednesday, 10th May at 7:30pm in the
Union Hall,
University of Adelaide

Australian physicists are leading the international teams which use the Hubble Space Telescope to Measure the Universe. These teams are on the verge of having the final answers to some of Science's biggest questions:
  • How Big is the Universe?
  • How Old is the Universe?
  • What is the Ultimate Fate of the Universe... will it end in a Bang, or a whimper?

Brian Schmidt will discuss how Australians are using the Hubble Space Telescope to unlock the secrets of the Cosmos, and give an up-to-the-minute report on these fundamental questions.

Members are invited to have dinner prior to the lecture from 6:00pm onwards at Caffe Buongiorno (187 Rundle Street, Adelaide). Bookings should be made by noon on the day of the lecture with the AIP-SA Secretary.

The Bronze Bragg Medal and certificates for achievement in the 1999 Year 12 Physics examination will be presented before the lecture. Please come along to support the successful students.

Direct enquiries to the following AIP contacts, and not to University Physics Departments:

AIP Vice-chair:
Dr John Patterson
8303 5291
Dr Laurence Campbell
8201 2093 (w)
8277 7036 (a.h.)
Fax: (08) 8201 2905
Post: SOCPES, Flinders University of S.A.,
GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, 5001

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