Australian Institute of Physics

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A Public lecture
(joint meeting with ASSA)

Champagne Supernova In The Sky

Bryan Gaensler
Young Australian of the Year

Wednesday, 20th October at 7:30pm in the
Union Hall,
University of Adelaide

Even though to us the night sky seems unchanging, stars are caught up in a repeating cycle of birth, life, death and then eventually re-birth. I will describe how we think stars are born, and then show what happens when they die. A large fraction of what we know about dying stars comes from our studies of a star which blew itself to bits 12 years ago. Studying this "supernova" doesn't just help us understand how stars die, but gives us an insight into the origins of our sun, our planet, and of life itself.

Members are invited to have dinner prior to the lecture from 5:45pm onwards in the Equinox restaurant in the Union building at the University of Adelaide. Bookings should be made by noon on the day of the lecture with the AIP-SA Secretary.

Please direct enquiries to the following contacts, and not to University Physics Departments:
Dr Laurence Campbell
Dr John Patterson

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