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A Public lecture

Black Holes

Don Page
CIAR Cosmology and Gravitation Fellow
and Professor of Physics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Tuesday, 9th November at 7:30pm in the
Union Hall,
University of Adelaide

Black holes are regions of spacetime within which the gravitational field is so strong that no form of matter or radiation can escape, except by quantum-mechanical tunneling. They are believed to be the results of the collapse of massive stars that have burned out their nuclear fuel. In some ways black holes seem to be the simplest and best-understood objects in the universe, and yet in other ways they may be the most complex and least-understood objects. A summary of some of what we know and don't know about these strange and beautiful objects will be given.

Members are invited to have dinner prior to the lecture from 5:45pm onwards in the Equinox restaurant in the Union building at the University of Adelaide. Bookings should be made by noon on the day of the lecture with the AIP-SA Secretary.

Please direct enquiries to the following contacts, and not to University Physics Departments:
Dr Laurence Campbell
8201 2093
Dr John Patterson
8303 5291

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