Australian Institute of Physics

South Australian Branch

AIP Student Night
AIP members and all students in Physics are invited to attend the AIP
2004 Student Night
Thursday, May 6th, 2004, at 7:30pm
in the Kerr Grant lecture theatre,
Physics building, University of Adelaide

Postgraduate Physics students from South Australian Universities will talk about their research work:

Simon Alexander
School of Chemistry and Physics, University of Adelaide

"Studies of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer"

The role of the lowest few kilometres of atmosphere (the boundary layer) in the Australian environment is poorly understood and not well parameterized, despite its importance in many processes including convection and cold fronts. A better understanding of this region would enable more accurate weather forecasting and climatological predictions.

In this study, wind-profiling radars were used to obtain the wind and temperature structure of the boundary layer during calm and meteorologically disturbed conditions. Use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled accurate measurement of the water vapour in the atmosphere, quantifying this important greenhouse gas. Observations from a variety of instruments including GPS and radar allowed a more complete thermodynamic picture of the lower atmosphere during passage of cold fronts.

Kate Nixon
School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences, Flinders University

"Electron Momentum Spectroscopy of the Copper/Silicon Interface"

Electron Momentum Spectroscopy (EMS) is a technique that can directly map the electronic wavefunction of a target. A high energy electron is used to collide with, and eject, a bound electron from within the target. Both outgoing electrons are detected and their energy and momentum are analysed. Conservation laws can be used to determine the energy and momentum of the target electron the instant before the collision. A probability density map of the target electrons in terms of their energy and momentum is measured.

We have used this technique to investigate the interface formed by the inter-diffusion of copper and silicon.

The Silver Bragg medals (awarded to the top 2003 3rd-year Physics student nominated by each Physics department) will be presented during the meeting.
2004 Student Night - pictures

We thank Kate Nixon (left) of Flinders University and Simon Alexander (right) of the University of Adelaide for excellent talks at the Student Night on May 6th

David Roberts (left) of the University of Adelaide and Tristan Skawronski (right) of Flinders University at the presentation of their Silver Bragg medals by the Chair of the SA-AIP, Dr Peter Veitch, at the Student Night.