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What Can You Do With a Physics Degree?
Find out about the wide variety of careers a degree in physics can lead to. See the latest statistical trends, request advice, meet the Australian societies devoted to young scientists, and more!

Search for a Physics Job
You don't need to look any further for a list of places to search for jobs. This comprehensive list is maintained by the SA branch of the AIP.

Physics Careers
Get a Physics Degree and See the World! Visit this link to discover a whole world of exciting careers in Physics. All you need is your passport: a degree in physics!

Cool Links to Hot Topics in Physics
Here are the latest and greatest hot physics topics. We know that you'll find the following links to be exciting, enjoyable and informative - even if you're not a "Nuclear Physicist" or "Rocket Scientist" (yet!).

Physics-Related Internet Resources
More Physics reference material on the WWW - A very complete list.

AIP Mailing Lists
Mailing lists established by the AIP to service the communication needs of Physics in the Australian community.

Ongoing Activities
Current and Recent Events
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List of Meeting Venues
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2012 Branch Committee Members
Names, addresses and other contact information.

The Most Recent Annual Report
Report of the AIP-SA branch activities in 2003.
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Membership Information
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National web site, with links to state branch pages.

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Our Previous Years' Activities
Annual Reports
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Previous Lectures and Events
A summary of the AIP-SA previous lectures and events.

Past Executive Committee Members
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