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Australian Physics Sites School of Physics, University of Melbourne
The CSSM List of Cool Physics Links
The TIPTOP Internet Pilot to Physics
W3 Overview of Physics
Yahoo Physics List
McGill Physics Services
Galaxy Physics List
American AIP's WWW Navigator
Science Research Journals - Yahoo © page
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Physics Societies

Astronomical Society of Australia
European Physical Society
American Institute of Physics
UK Institute of Physics


Physics Today
American Scientist - The magazine of Sigma XI, the Scientific Research Society
The Armchair Scientist - Science and technology magazine
Australasian Journal of Engineering Education - Covering a wide spectrum of engineering education
The Australian Geographic - Quarterly journal
Breakthrough - Newsletter on developments in science and technology
ChemScope Daily News Magazine - Daily biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical magazine
Cornell SciTech Magazine - Coverage of new ideas, breakthroughs, controversies and people in the worlds of science and engineering
The Eureka Club - A resource for inventors
EurekAlert - A comprehensive news server for up-to-date research in science, medicine, and engineering
EXN: Exploration Network - Science news, can be customised
Internet Science Journal - A science journal designed to use the power and features of the Internet
inScight - Daily science news service, a collaboration with Science magazine and Academic Press
ION Science - Science and nature news and information
KR ScienceBase - Access to published science literature, with point-and-click searching of science information
Lab News - Australian scientific magazine, provides scientists with topical information for the smooth running of the laboratory and covers political news and views in science, research developments, profiles on eminent scientists, and special features
LBL Research Review - Magazine highlighting the latest research achievements from the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
National Science & Technology Week - National Science Foundation (an independent agency of the US Government)
Nature - International weekly journal of science
The New Scientist - Planet Science
Notre Dame Science Quarterly - Published by the students of the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame
NSSDC News - Published quarterly by NASA's National Space Science Data Center
PhysicsNet - Current science product releases, company information, job information, locate suppliers
Physics World - A monthly magazine written by physicists for physicists working in research, industry and education - Popular Science Magazine
SEARCH: Science and Technology in Australia and New Zealand - Official scientific journal of the Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science (ANZAAS)
Science & Engineering Network News - Guide to Internet resources for scientists and engineers
Science Daily - Offers the latest discoveries and research projects in all fields of science from laboratories across North America
Science Online - A global weekly of research, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Scientific American
Scientific Computing & Automation - Technology for scientists and engineers
The Scientist - "The newspaper for the life sciences professional"
SOAR - Space operations and research magazine
Synthesis on-Net - A multi-disciplinary journal which aims to give a fast, unlimited, worldwide stage for articles in all areas of life sciences, to scientists around the globe
Technology Review - MIT's national magazine of technology and policy
Thesis - Science and Technology - A bi-monthly magazine covering traditional fields like medical research and information technology plus new developments in computer imaging
21.C Magazine - The magazine of culture, science and technology (Australian)
21st Century - Entertainment and popular science magazine
What's New in the World of Science - Monthly Internet publication that gives its readers concise information on the latest science news
The Why? Files - Science Behind the News - National Science Foundation

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