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What Can You Do With a Physics Degree?

Careers in Physics
Check out the wide variety of careers that a degree in physics can lead to. This information is provided by the American Institute of Physics Career Services Division.

Look at the Diversity of Occupations for Physics Majors!
Here's a list of Job Titles held by physics graduates of Haverford College over the past 40 years. Physicists truely are omnicompetent.

What's the Job Market Like?
The Department of Physics at the University of Adelaide maintains a database of Jobs published in newspapers including the Australian and/or the Advertiser. This page also includes links to perform on-line searching of newspaper advertisements and job registers.

AIP Job Clipping Service
The South Australian branch of the AIP is electronically posting the AIP Job Clipping Service mailings. Visit this page to see what jobs for physicists have been advertised in Australia in the last months.

Interested In Becoming A Science Teacher?
The South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA) web pages provide comprehensive information about SASTA as well as links and information regarding resources available for science teachers.

What are the latest Statistical Trends?
The American Institute of Physics maintains statistical information on Education and Employment Trends. Be sure to check out the typical saleries of Bachelor Degree holders in their first year after graduating!

Advice From Physicists
Here you can get advice from physicists in all walks of life: people with jobs in industry, manufacturing, computers, education, journalism; physicists with all types of degrees (BA, BS, MA, PhD, MBA, JD); some who do research physics everyday, and others who have move on to other exciting areas.

Graduate Careers Council of Australia Report on Employment
Read all about the positive employment picture for postgraduates in Australia. Be sure to check out the average saleries too! This information is provided by gradlink Graduate Careers Council of Australia Ltd.

So What's Physics Like?
Check out this collection of Cool Links to Hot Topics in Physics! The Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter is constantly updating this list to keep up with the very latest in Physics Research. They hope you'll find their links to be exciting, enjoyable and informative even if you're not a "Nuclear Physicist" or "Rocket Scientist" (yet!). Send your physics questions to their physics guru!

More Links are on the way!

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