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QCD Visualisations

Media Releases

    This page provides a collection of research related media releases, many of which aer available on-line.

Can you Believe it?

    In 2005, the University of Adelaide's Faculty of Sciences teamed up with Jamie Seidel of The Advertiser newspaper to create a weekly column featuring engaging science articles in which one asks Can you believe it?    It has been my pleasure to bring fascinating aspects of physics to the readers of The Advertiser.

The Origin of Mass

QCD Archives

    Visit the archives and see images and animations of the QCD vacuum produced via numerical simulations of QCD on a space-time lattice.

CSSM's Links to Hot Topics in Physics

    In response to numerous requests for links to the latest and greatest physics topics, I have developed a page entitled "Hot Topics in Physics." I hope you'll find the links to be exciting, enjoyable and informative even if you're not a "Nuclear Physicist" or "Rocket Scientist" (yet!).

Physics Careers

    I am also maintaining a list of www sites featuring physics careers. Get a Physics Degree and see the world! Discover a whole world of exciting careers in Physics. All you need is your passport: a degree in physics! Don't miss our Australian Careers and AIP Job Clippings pages.

Visual QCD
Can You Believe It?
QCD Archives
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