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Disclaimer The Department of Physics is happy to provide information on job opportunities however it cannot undertake to forward applications for positions. Detailed information about specific positions can be found in the scanned images made available by the AIP-SA.

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Jobs in Physics in 2003: an unusual year
John R. Prescott of Adelaide University provides us with his twenty-fifth annual review of the number and type of advertised jobs for physicists in Australia.
Australian Jobs For Physicists in 2001
Check out the following links for lists of jobs advertised in the Australian and/or the Advertiser.

December 2003 Postings
November 2003 Postings
September 2003 Postings
August 2003 Postings
July 2003 Postings
June 2003 Postings
May 2003 Postings
April 2003 Postings
March 2003 Postings
February 2003 Postings
January 2003 Postings
Prof. J. R. Prescott's 2002 Annual Jobs Review
Postings for 2002 and Prof. J. R. Prescott's 2001 Annual Jobs Review
Postings for 2001 and Prof. J. R. Prescott's 2000 Annual Jobs Review
Postings for 2000 and Prof. J. R. Prescott's 1999 Annual Jobs Review
Postings for 1999
Postings for 1998
Postings for 1997

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Check out the following page prepared by the Australian Institute of Physics - South Australian Branch.

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