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Research in the Popular Media

  • Stories of Australian Science:
    “Unravelling atoms: the Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matter”

    An article on our discovery of meson-baryon bound states in QCD, published 16 November 2017, is available at http://stories.scienceinpublic.com.au/2017/unravelling-atoms/.

  • “CSSM and CoEPP : The Standard Model and beyond”
    American Physical Society (APS) video prepared for the March 2016 APS meeting.
    The University of Adelaide is playing a leading role in understanding the fundamental physics that will tell us how the universe fits together. Adelaide's collaborating organisations, CSSM and CoEPP, provide expertise in Quantum chromodynamics and the computational excellence to realise it.

  • “A new discovery in Quantum Chromodynamics”
    ”Sound of Science” 101.5 fm Radio Adelaide interview with Sarah Martin.
    Broadcast 22 April 2015
    The subatomic particle Lambda 1405 has been of interest to physicists for more than 50 years, with the scientific community speculating about what it looks like...
    The 23 minute podcast was originally published at

  • “Baryon's Innards Have Molecular Structure”
    The Lambda baryon, in its excited state, behaves like a molecule, according to new lattice chromodynamics simulations of the particle's magnetic structure.
    Synopsis by Jessica Thomas, Editor, Physics, providing daily online-only news and commentary about a selection of papers from the APS journal collection.
    1 April 2015

  • “Exotic particle turns out to be quark molecule”
    Simulations suggest the Lambda(1405) is a meson-baryon combo.
    News in Brief, Particle Physics article by Andrew Grant, published 11:04am, 3 April 2015 in
    Science News, Magazine of the Society for Science & the Public
    Vol. 187 No. 9, May 2, 2015, p. 18.

  • “Mysterious baryon resonance is a subatomic molecule, say physicists”
    Physicists in Australia have produced further evidence that an excited state of the lambda baryon is a “subatomic molecule”...
    by Hamish Johnston, editor of physicsworld.com
    7 April 2015

  • “Altmetric: Overview of Attention”
    for the article “Lattice QCD Evidence that the Λ(1405) Resonance is an Antikaon-Nucleon Molecule” published in Physical Review Letters, 1 April 2015
    As of the 22 June 2015, Altmetric has tracked 3,922,965 articles across all sources. Compared to these this article has done particularly well and is in the 97th percentile: it's in the top 5% of all articles ever tracked by Altmetric. Ranked 589 of 12,641 articles in PRL, it's in the top 5% of PRL articles.

  • “Bowled Warnie! Scientists reveal the secrets of spin”
    Discussion of the cricket spin-bowling research of Garry and Ian Robinson.
    Article in The Guardian by Nick Evershed
    5 July 2013

  • “Particle research recognised in physics award”
    News release on the award of the Australian Institute of Physics 2007 Walter Boas Medal to Associate Professor Derek Leinweber, for original research making the “most important contribution to physics.”
    By Robyn Mills, Media and Corporate Communications Officer, University of Adelaide
    19 October 2007

  • “Original Research Makes Big Impact”
    News release: Derek Leinweber has made world-leading contributions to quantum chromodynamics, the quantum field theory of the strong force...
    Australian Institute of Physics
    12 October 2007

  • “'Quark' research sheds light on matter”
    Article exploring the strange-quark charge-distribution radius within the proton.
    ABC News Online: sci-tech
    7 September 2006

  • “Strange Quark Reveals Its Secrets”
    Article discussing the role of strange-quarks within the nucleon.
    Photonics News and Features article
    7 September 2006

  • “Dissecting the atom”
    Article probing the strange-quark contribution to proton structure.
    Advertiser Newspaper article, page 14, by Cara Jenkin
    6 September 2006

  • “Physicists charged over strange quarks”
    Article examining our precise determination of the strange-quark charge-distribution radius within the proton.
    ABC Science Online: News in Science article by Stephen Pincock
    6 September 2006

  • “Leap towards Holy Grail of particle physics”
    Article presents our precise determination of the strange-quark charge-distribution radius within the proton.
    Adelaidean September 2006 Issue: News from the University of Adelaide by Robyn Mills
    6 September 2006

  • “Particle physics calculations improved”
    Article announces our precise determination of the strange-quark charge-distribution radius within the proton.
    5 September 2006
    United Press International article

  • “New clue to world's tiniest particles”
    Article announces our precise determination of the strange-quark charge-distribution radius within the proton.
    Research Story, Media Release: News from the University of Adelaide by Robyn Mills
    4 September 2006
    Australian Physics, 43, 176 (2006)

  • “Cure or Killer - The Nuclear Future”
    Advertiser Newspaper Round Table discussion on uranium enrichment and the nuclear industry with
    • Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer
    • Mineral Resources Development Minister Paul Holloway
    • SA Chamber of Mines Chief Executive Phillip Sutherland
    • University of Adelaide Physicist Assoc Prof Derek Leinweber
    • Australian Conservation Foundation campaign officer David Noonan
    • Chris Russell, Advertiser Business Editor
    • Paul Starick, Advertiser Chief Reporter
    • Cameron England, Advertiser Chief Business Reporter

    The Advertiser Newspaper, Pages 42-45.
    29 August 2006

  • “Aerodynamics of the New 2006 World Cup Soccer Ball, the Teamgeist”
    Radio interview featuring “Australia's Soccer Scientist,” Derek Leinweber.
    ABC National News Radio interview, Australia.
    12 June 2006

  • “World Cup ball to bend more: scientist”
    Article discusses the aerodynamics of the new Word Cup soccer ball, the Teamgeist
    The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and Yahoo! 7 Sport, by Tim Dornin
    10 June 2006

  • “World Cup ball to bend more says SA scientist”
    Article discusses the aerodynamics of the new Word Cup soccer ball, the Teamgeist
    Australian Associated Press - Sports News, by Tim Dornin
    9 June 2006

  • “Veer it like Viduka”
    Article highlights the Science Outside the Square event at Hindmarsh Stadium on 12 June focusing on soccer science and the launch of the DVD “Veer it like Viduka.”
    The Advertiser, Page 3, by soccer writer Daniel Lato
    1 June 2006

  • “Elementary Findings that Matter”
    Article features the research of the CSSM
    The Independent Weekly by Karen Phillips.
    15 January 2006

  • “Strange particles a quark of nature”
    Article examines the role of strange quarks in proton structure
    Adelaidean Issue 6, August 2005: News from the University of Adelaide by Ben Osborne.
    18 August 2005

  • “Adelaide Physics Link to Nobel Prize Lecture”
    Article highlights the inclusion of QCD Vacuum Structure animations in the Nobel Prize acceptance speech of Prof David Wilczek.
    University of Adelaide News Room by David Ellis.
    17 December 2004

  • “Gluon Vacuum Structure and the Connection of QCD to Cosmology.”
    Radio interview with Fritz Thorgessln of PM Magazine, Munich, Germany.
    10 January 2001