Data obtained at U.A.O.


In spite of its thoroughly urban location, it is possible to obtain useful data on campus. Bright cataclysmic variables are a favourite; however, around 20th magnitude may be imaged using the clear filter and long total integration times, so even quite faint objects may be amenable to some sort of study...

March 2002: time-series photometry of outburst of the short-period helium nova V805 Centauri, obtained for the Centre for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA). Exposures were 120-s, clear-filtered. Error estimate is +-0.02 magnitudes.

July-September 2002 : third-year Physics project on solar observations (solar rotation and limb darkening).

August-Septmeber 2002 : third-year Physics project on spectroscopy (measure the redshift of Markarian 509).

October-November 2002 : photometry of VY Scl for CBA campaign. Exposure 30-s, clear-filtered. Errors +-0.07 mag.

December 2002 : photometry of EC04224-2014 for the CBA. Exposures 40-s, clear-filtered. Errors +-0.01 mag.

May 2003 : spectroscopy of Eta Carinae

2003 : spectroscopy of various objects

May 2003 : photometry of Librae 3 for the CBA. Exposures 80-s, unfiltered. Errors +-0.07mag.

September 7th 2003 : observation of transit of exosolar planet across HD209458


A brief note on focusing when using a transmission diffraction grating

A brief note on co-adding individual images to obtain long integration times