Photometry of VY Scl

This CV was observed during October-November 2002 for a CBA campaign. Two nights of data were obtained, on October 31st-November 1st 2002, and November 5th-6th 2002. The 8" LX 200 was used with the SBIG ST-6, and a clear filter. Exposures were 30-seconds. On the first night, full-frame images were obtained at intervals of 70 seconds. On the second night, half-frame images were obtained at intervals of 42 seconds.

Error analysis yielded average errors in the VY Scl data of +-0.07 magnitudes for the first night, and +-0.05 magnitudes for the second night. This was somewhat higher than hoped for; longer exposures (perhaps 90-120 seconds) may have been better.

The comparison star used was Tyc 6968 1024 1.