Discover the Origin of Mass
Visit the world of quarks and gluons at the heat of the atom.

Experience Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD)
See how quarks and gluons interact in CSSM visualizations featured in the 2004 Nobel Prize Lecture. Read the story published by the University of Adelaide's Aelaidean on the 17th of December 2004.

Access Supercomputers From Your Desktop
Examine today's supercomputers including Hydra, a 1.2 TFLOP supercomputer cluster managed by eResearch SA. That's 1.2 trillion calculations per second!

Ponder Strangeness in the Proton
Strange quarks play an important role in the structure of the proton. This artist's rendition provides a modern interpretation of the composition of a proton and how expermentalists probe its structure.

Examine Physics Career Opportunities
Get a Physics Degree and see the world! All you need is your passport: a degree in physics!

Review Can You Believe It? Articles
Check out this archive of articles published in the Advertiser's science column Can You Believe It? including cricket ball swing and Soccer's Teamgeist ball.

Investigate the Australian Institute of Physics
Our local state branch hosts a variety of activities including a very popular Public Lecture series. Find out what's happening.

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