Jobs For Physicists
November 2003 Postings

The following jobs were advertised in the Australian and/or the Advertiser during the month of November. This information was collected by Prof. John R. Prescott.
Organisation Position Job Description Month Term

ANSTO Graduatesto
to $42k
new research reactor Nov I
ARC Exec Director
to $120k
Physics, Chem, Geosci Nov 3y
P Ansto Res Scientist
solid state NMR theory Nov 3y+

Ionospheric Prediction Service Manager (3)
space weather forecast Nov I
R&D radio propagation
consult:radio and space
P CSIRO Math/Info Sr Res Scientist
radioastronmy computing Nov I
P CSIRO National Telescope Dep Off in charge
help lead and develop Nov 5y+

DIO Sci Analyst (s)
nuclear, counter proliferation Nov I

Geoscience Aust Geoscientist
geophysical processing Nov 3y

Mt Isa Mines AQC Meteorologist manage air quality Nov I
(P) National ICT Ltd with UNSW, ANU Sr/Pr Researchers
2 positions
sensor signal process'g Nov I
machine learning

Liverpool HS NSW Medical Physicist all modalities Nov I
P Peter McCallum VIC Res Fellow Direct rad'n physics Nov 2y+

NSW Hospitals Trainee (11) oncology physicists Nov 1y+

Downlands QLD Teacher senior physics plus Nov I

Immanuael SA Lab Manager senior science Nov I

Hydro Tasmania Modelling Analyst diverse projects Nov I

NT Geol Survey Consultant seismic mapping Nov 5m

St John's College teacher senior physics/chem Nov I

Bordertown HS Teacher physics/chem/maths Nov I

CBC Wakefield St Adelaide Teacher year 11 physics Nov I

Eynesbury College Teacher physics/maths Nov I

CQU Tutors applied physics Nov T
P Sydney Sr/Lecturer (2) any existing research/ teaching field Nov -
P CQU Sr/Lecturer
applied physics Nov I
P Melbourne Lecturer
astrophysics Nov I
(P) QUT Sr Lect/Assoc Prof
Science Education Nov I
P UNSW Elec Eng Assoc Prof
optoelectronics Nov I
P U QLD Maths Sr/Lecturer math physics Nov I
P Sydney Res Fellow
specified field Nov -
P Sydney Microscopy Res Assoc
X-ray microtomography of minerals Nov 1y+
(P) Adelaide Deputy V-C Research Nov T
make photonic crystals Nov 5y
PD/Res Fellow
make thin films

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