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Buckland Park

The Buckland Park field site lies some 40 km North of the city of Adelaide and occupies some 80 ha of flat coastal plane. The site is shared by both the Atmospheric Physics Group, the Astrophysics Group and the Optics Group.

The Atmospheric Physics Group operates a number of experiments and facilities at this field site, including

a medium frequency radar,
a very high frequency radar,
a three field photometer,
a boundary layer VHF radar incorporating a RASS system,
and an airglow Imager provided by Aerospace.

Coordinates: 35S, 138E

Several pictures and diagrams of the Buckland Park field site are available. Click on any of the following options to see the appropriate picture.

Schematic Diagrams Left: The VHF Stratosphere-Troposphere (ST) Radar Array. This array is of co-co type, the thin white lines are ropes supporting the East-West running cables. The Caravan seen in the middle of the array houses the transmitter. To the left of the caravan is a water tank used for cooling the transmitter. The small hut at the top of the screen contains the pre-amplifiers for the Spaced Antenna Yagis which although present dont photograph easily.
(see schematic diagram below)