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Field Sites

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Buckland Park Christmas Island Davis Base, Antartica Pontianak The atmospheric group in conjunction with various other organisations and groups operates a number of radars and other equipment around the world.

Adelaide Airport, Australia: Our strong links with the Bureau of Meterology have enable a BLR radar to be installed here. With the collocation of daily radiosondes and a large variety of ground based and remote sensing equipment makes this an exciting location.

Buckland Park, Australia This is our primary field site, a number of radars and other experiments are situated here.

Darwin, Australia (ARM Site): As part of the TWP-ICE campagin a VHF BLT radar was installed during 2005.

Darwin, Australia (BoM Profiler Site): A 33.2 MHz meteor radar was installed here as part of the TWP-ICE campaign in 2005.

Davis Base, Antarctica

Pontianak, Indonesia: This field site is a collaboration between LAPAN, RASC and Uni. of Adelaide, amongst present equipment is a large MF radar spaced antenna/ doppler radar