Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) 2011

The ASM will take place at the University of Adelaide. Sessions will formally be held over a 4.5 day period from Monday 4 July, until about lunchtime on Friday 8 July and comprise the regular invited and contributed talks.

Given the number of new astronomical facilities coming online, discussion of current facilities in Australia and the launch of Decadal Plan Mid-Term Review, there will be several discussion sessions broadly aligned around a theme entitled Future Issues for Australian Astronomy. Sessions with the theme New Surveys for Australian Astronomy (as highlighted previously) will also group talks that focus on new survey results and plans. We hope these will provide opportunities to touch on the many exciting new projects within Australian astronomy as well as to discuss future opportunities and directions for a wide diversity of sub-fields.
The Friday afternoon is also still available for further sessions if desired (for enquiries about Fri. afternoon please contact the SOC chair Gavin Rowell).
The ASM is supported and sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Australia, Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing, Astronomy Australia Ltd., CSIRO (CASS), and the University of Adelaide.

Programme: Talks and poster programme details are available here.

Full programme (printed version available at the meeting) is here. NEW

List of Delegates is here. NEW

Invited Speakers:
Harley Wood Lecture (Public): Prof Fred Watson (AAO) "How Green is the Universe" (Tues. 5 July; Uni. Adelaide Scott Theatre: 8:00 to about 9:30pm)

Ellery Lecture: Prof. Russell Cannon (AAO) "Astronomer's Luck Revisited"

Louise Webster Prize: Dr. Gayandhi De Silva (AAO) "Chemically Tagging Disk fossils: the case of the Hyades Supercluster"
Charlene Heisler Prize: Dr. Max Spolaor (Swinburne) "Radial gradients in elliptical galaxies"
Bok Prize: Mr. Barnaby Norris (Uni. Sydney) "Unveiling the curious dust around AGB stars"

Dr. Amanda Bauer (AAO) - "Galaxy Evolution"
Dr. Chris Blake (Swinburne) - "Dark Energy and Dark Matter"
Dr. Ilana Feain (CSIRO, CASS) - "Using ASKAP to explore the low power radio galaxy population through radio SEDs"
Prof. Yasuo Fukui (Nagoya Uni.) - "Molecular Clouds and High Energy Gamma-Rays"
Dr. Gary Hill (Uni. Wisconsin) - "High Energy Neutrino Astronomy in Antarctica"
Dr. Jonti Horner (UNSW) - "Exoplanets, Exo-Earths and Habitability"
Dr. Tara Murphy (Uni. Sydney) - "Extreme events: exploring the radio transient sky"
Dr. Daniel Price (Monash) - "Particle Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics: Simulating the formation of stars"
Prof. Brian Schmidt (ANU) - "Skymapper"
Prof. Lister Staveley-Smith (UWA - ICRAR) - "CAASTRO"
Prof. Kip Thorne (Caltech) - "Gravitational Waves"

Social Programme:
Decadal Plan Mid-Term Review (Monday 4 July 6:00-7:30pm, Eclipse Room; Hosted by Dr. Paul Willis, RiAus Director and Prof. Elaine Sadler, NCA chair)

The ASM dinner (Evening Thurs. 7 July) will be held in the newly completed Adelaide Oval Member's Dining Room.

Scientific Organising Committee:
Hayley Bignall (Curtin), Joss Bland-Hawthorn (Uni. Sydney), Michael Burton (Uni. NSW), Roger Clay (Uni. Adelaide), Bruce Dawson (Uni. Adelaide), Lisa Harvey-Smith (CASS, CSIRO), Helmut Jerjen (ANU), Sarah Maddison (Swinburne), Kevin Pimbblet (Monash), Gavin Rowell (Chair - Uni. Adelaide), Mark Wardle (Macquarie)

Local Organising Committee:
Cheryl Au, Jose Bellido, Roger Clay, Bruce Dawson, Phoebe deWilt, Brent Nicholas, Gavin Rowell (Chair), Greg Thornton

Harley Wood Winter School (HWWS) 2011,

The HWWS will take place 1-3 July 2011 at Adare House, in the town of Victor Harbor about 80 km south of Adelaide. The science theme is Critical Problems in Astrophysics. Registration for the HWWS should be done via the ASM registration link above.

Additional Meetings in June/July

We note additional meetings well timed with the ASM 2011 are:
Supernovae and their Host Galaxies, Sydney, 20 - 24 June 2011
From Starburst to Supernova, Sydney, 27 - 28 June 2011
SCAR Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica Meeting, Sydney, 29 June - 1 July 2011