Australian Institute of Physics

The 14th National Congress

of the

Australian Institute of Physics

The University of Adelaide
South Australia

December 10 - 15, 2000

Driving Technology Throught Discovery, Understanding and Innovation

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Welcome to the Congress

The 14th AIP National Congress promises to continue the fine tradition that goes back to the first Congress, also held in Adelaide, back in 1974. The organisers under Tony Williams have done a fine job in making the arrangements for what promises to be a memorable physics-fest.

A special welcome is also extended to international visitors who will be in attendance. In particular, we will have as special guests representing the Institute of Physics, Sir Gareth Roberts FRS, who is currently President, and the Executive Director, Dr Alun Jones. Sir Gareth will present the Massey Medal.

Four of our Special Interest Groups, Nuclear and Particle Physics [NUPP], Women in Physics [WIP], Condensed Matter Physics [CMP] and Solar, Terrestrial and Space Physics [STSP] are arranging their own special programs or are participating with other organisations.

A special welcome is extended to three of our Cognate Societies, the Australasian Society for General Relativity and Gravitation [ASGRG], the Australian Optical Society [AOS], and the Vacuum Society of Australia [VSA]. We also welcome the Atomic and Molecular Phyisics and Quantum Chemistry Society [AMPQC], Computers in Physics Education [OzCUPE], the 18th AINSE Nuclear and Particle Physics Conference [AINSE/NUPP] and the 23rd AINSE Plasma Science and Technology Conference [Plasma2000].

During the Congress it will be my pleasure to present the Bragg Medal for the best physics PhD thesis in 1999 to Dr Ping Koy Lam of the ANU.

I look forward to being with you all in Adelaide.

John Pilbrow
President, Australian Institute of Physics

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Recent News / Updates
(Updated 4/12/00)

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Oral/Poster Presentations
Information regarding Oral and Poster presentations is now available.
You can find it here or from our Program page.
Rooms/Locations in the Union Building
Other rooms/locations in the Union Building that you might find interesting are listed here.
Version 2 of the AIP2000 Congress program is now available.
Final Program
The current AIP2000 Congress program that is available is only a draft. The final program will be available by Monday 4 December.
Meet Prof. Douglas Giancoli
Meet Professor Douglas C Giancoli, author of Physics for Scientists and Engineers and Physics: Principles & Applications at the Pearson Education Australia wine and cheese evening on Tuesday at 5.30pm.
Details are available on our Special Events page.
Draft Program
The draft AIP2000 Congress program is now available.
Read about it here.
Public Lecture
Tickets for the Paul Davies lecture, Time Travel: fact or fiction? are now available for sale through BASS.
Ticket prices are $12 for adults and $6 for students.
BASS may be contacted on 131 246, or via their web site
There has also been a change in the time that the Public Lecture will be held. It will now be starting at 8pm and finishing some time between 9:30-10pm.
Medical Physics Tour
The Medical Physics Conference organisers have announced a tour of the Medical Physics and Radiotherapy Departments of Adelaide Cancer Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Read more about it on our Optional Tours Page.

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Important! AbstractsImportant!

If you have submitted an abstract for the AIP2000 Congress and have not received confirmation, PLEASE enquire with the Secretariat and resend your abstract.

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