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Presentation Information

Below you will find information regarding Oral and Poster presentations at thethe 14th National Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics.

Poster Presentation

  • Each presenter will be allocated one side of a poster display board for each poster. The maximum width available is 900mm with varying heights (minimum 1200mm up to 2400mm).
  • There will be two groups of poster displays. Group A will display on Monday and Tuesday and Group B on Thursday and Friday. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to display your poster for two days.
  • Group A may set up on Sunday afternoon from 4:00 pm or Monday morning from 7:30 am and must take down their posters at the conclusion of sessions on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.
  • Group B may then set up on Wednesday afternoon for the commencement of their two day display. Please see the table below.
GROUP A displays Monday/Tuesday GROUP B displays Thursday/Friday
SASTA Medical Physics
OzCUPE Plasma2000
AOS (Part 1 - Tuesday only) AMPQC
CMP (Part 1 - Tuesday only) VSA
  AOS (Part 2 - Thursday only)
  CMP (Part 2 - Thursday only)
There is an exception in the case of AOS and CMP. As these groups have a large number of posters, they will be split, with half on Tuesday and the other half on Thursday. Refer to the program to find out if you are displaying on Tuesday or Thursday.
For those displaying on Tuesday, you must set up after conclusion of sessions on Monday and take down your poster on either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.
For those people displaying on Thursday, you may set up on Wednesday afternoon and take down your poster at the conclusion of sessions on Thursday afternoon.
  • This schedule MUST be adhered to.
  • You may use velcro or pins to attach your poster to the display board.
  • The Poster Display will be on Level 5 of the Union Building, known as Games and teas and lunches will be served here to encourage delegates to visit the display.
  • A number will be allocated to each poster presentation - refer to the AIP Program.pdf - which will correspond with the number on the allocated poster board.
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Oral Presentation

The contact person from the Associated Conferences will be able to assist you with the timing details of the oral presentations. Contact details are available here.

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Other Locations

Other rooms/locations in the Union Building you should be aware of:

  • Level 2, Wills - Registration, Exhibition, Posters, Displays, AIP-SA Job Booth, Teas, Lunches
  • Level 2, Wills - AV/Slide Preparation Area
  • Level 4, Upper Refectory - Exhibition, Teas, Lunches, Continuous Tea/Coffee
  • Level 5, Games - Posters, Teas, Lunches
  • Level 5, Uni Bar - Teas, Lunches
  • Level 6, The Gallery - Teas, Lunches
  • Level 3, Mezzanine, Resource Centre - Email Suite
  • Level 4, North/South Dining - Women in Physics Forum and Dinner, 5:45pm to 7:45pm
  • Level 6, The Gallery - Pearson/Giancoli function, 5:30pm to 6:15pm
  • The Cloisters - IOP Welcome Cocktail Reception, 6:30pm to 8:00pm

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