Electromagnetism II - Electromagnetism - Presented 2016

Year level: Second year, second semester.
Duties: Subject coordinator. Present three one-hour lectures each week.
  Present two one-hour tutorials weekly.
  Prepare and grade assignments, tests and the final exam.
Material: Index notation, line, surface and volume integration, curvilinear coordinates,
  Gauss and Stokes' theorem, Laplace and Poisson equations, boundary-value
  problems, generalized functions, tensors, magnetostatics.
Innovations: Introduced ``Conceptual Mediation'' techniques to improve students' adoption of
      new concepts such as index notation.
  Stimulated interest and understanding in gradients and isosurfaces using
      http://www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/theory/staff/leinweber/teaching/visualizations of vacuum fields from Quantum Chromodynamics.

Derek Leinweber 2017-02-06