Computational Physics III - High-Performance Fortran - Presented 2016

Year level: Third year, first semester.
Duties: Course Coordinator. High-Performance Fortran Curriculum creator.
  Create and present 24 one-hour lectures and 12 three-hour workshops.
  Create novel projects each year and establish model-program solutions.
  Prepare and grade tests and the final exam.
Material: Computational physics coding tactics in Fortran-95, numerical integration via
  Quadpack, data interpolation, integration of ordinary differential equations via
  5th-order Runge-Kutta, Lorenz attractor, $ N$-body problem, optimization of functions,
  data fitting, Monte-Carlo simulations, Ising spin system, Message Passing Interface
  (MPI) techniques for parallel programming.
Innovations: Real-time simulations with visualization via the PL-Plot library.
  $ N$-body simulations of solar-system and black-hole formation, gases in gravitational
      fields, and gravitational wave emission via post-Newtonian corrections.
      See for a galaxy collision example.
      See for gravitational wave emission.

Derek Leinweber 2017-02-06