Physics 1B - Special Relativity and Quantum Physics - Presented 2016

Year level: First year, second semester.
Duties: Create and present eleven one-hour lectures and four one-hour tutorials.
  Prepare MyUni quizzes, assignment questions, tutorial problems and
  associated solutions. Set and mark the final exam.
Material: Postulates, relativity of simultaneity, time dilation, length contraction, ladder-garage
  paradox, twin paradox, Lorentz transformations, adding velocities, relativistic
  dynamics, antimatter, tomography, x-ray diffraction, photoelectric effect, Compton
  scattering, diffraction of matter, Heisenberg uncertainty principle, Schrödinger's cat,
  models of the atom, particle physics.
Innovations: Stimulated interest via discussions of realism, determinism and Schrodinger's cat.
  Extensive use of YouTube videos in Lectures to reinforce concepts.
  Creation of new YouTube videos to bring research-level concepts into first year.
  (See the Science Promotion section).

Derek Leinweber 2017-02-06