Physics 1A - Thermodynamics - Presented 2016

Year level: First year, first semester.
Duties: Create and present eleven one-hour lectures and four one-hour tutorials.
  Prepare MyUni quizzes, assignment questions, tutorial problems and
  associated solutions. Set and mark the final exam.
Material: Ideal gas temperature, Zeroth law, expansion of materials, specific heat, latent heat,
  heat transfer, radiation, First law, kinetic theory, $ P$-$ V$-$ T$ & thermodynamic processes.
Innovations: Increased relevance through real-life demonstrations of thermodynamics.
  Explored unfamiliar territory with liquid nitrogen experiments.
  Stimulated interest by linking thermodynamic convection to Chaos and illustrating
      the Lorenz attractor via advanced computer visualization techniques.
  Created an ideal-gas simulator to present and reinforce kinetic theory concepts.
      See for an example simulation.

Derek Leinweber 2017-02-06