Homepage of Gavin Rowell

High Energy Astrophysics Group, University of Adelaide

My research interests centre on high energy astrophysics and astronomy with gamma-ray telescopes at around TeV (10^12 eV) energies and above. Complementary studies in other wavebands are also a key interest with a particular emphasis on studies of the interstellar medium towards GeV/TeV gamma-ray sources using mm and sub-mm radio telescopes.

Research Interests (see this link for more info)

- High energy astrophysics and astroparticle physics
- Origin of cosmic-rays and electrons
- Origin of unidentified gamma-ray sources
- Supernova remnants
- X-ray binaries, microquasars, pulsars, magnetars
- Stellar clusters
- Interstellar medium towards TeV gamma-ray sources
- Multiwavelength studies (millimetre especially and X-rays) of TeV gamma-ray sources
- Design of new gamma-ray telescopes
- Analysis methods in gamma-ray astronomy
- Monitoring of transient high energy sources

Research Collaborations

- Mopra Gamma-Ray Sources Survey
- Mopra CO Survey
- Nanten/Nanten2 (with Y. Fukui, Nagoya Uni.)
- Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) see Adelaide Workshop Link
- STO (with M. Burton, Uni. NSW)
- HEGRA IACT-System (precursor to HESS)

Ongoing Activities

- Studies of high energy sources with HESS (TeV gamma-rays)
- Millimetre and Sub-Millimetre (GHz to THz) studies of GeV/TeV gamma-ray sources with Nanten/Nanten2, Mopra, STO
- X-ray studies of TeV gamma-ray sources with XMM-Newton and Chandra
- Development of radio triggers for HESS follow-up studies of transients
- Involvement in the future gamma-ray project CTA


- First, second, third year physics, and honours (4th) year advanced astrophysics topics.
- Currently supervising 6 PhD students and 1 MSc. student.

Other Gamma-Ray Facilities & Telescopes

- Fermi (GeV space-based mission)
- High Altitude Water Cherenkov Experiment (HAWC)