CV / Career Summary

Below you can find quick overview of my CV and career. A pdf version with a bit more detail is here.

Employment History

- 2019-cont: Level-E Professor (continuing) University of Adelaide
- 2014-cont: Level-D Assoc. Professor (continuing) University of Adelaide
- 2012-cont: Level-C Senior Lecturer (continuing) University of Adelaide
- 2011-2012: Level-C Senior Lecturer/Senior Research Associate University of Adelaide
- 2006-2011: ARC QE-II Research Fellow University of Adelaide
- 2000-2006: vonHumboldt Fellow and Max Planck Fellow, Max Planck Institut fuer Kernphysik, Heidelberg Germany
- 1997-1999: JSPS Fellow Institute for Cosmic-Ray Research, Tokyo Japan
- 1995-1997: Research Scientist DSTO (infrared surveillance specialist), Adelaide
- 1991-1995: PhD University of Adelaide (Dept. of Physics & Mathematical Physics), High Energy Astrophysics Group
- PhD Thesis Search for very high energy gamma-rays from PSR 1706-44 using the atmospheric Cerenkov imaging technique - here
- 1987-1991: BSc. & Honours (1st class) Experimental & Theoretical Physics, University of Adelaide

Research Publications and Impact

- Published over 200 refereed papers since 1990 with over 14000 citations.
- Hirsch index or H-index of 65 according to NASA Astrophysical Data System
- Over 10 invited and/or keynote talks at conferences since 2001.
- 2010: Bruno Rossi Prize awarded to the HESS Collaboration for contributions to our understanding of extreme objects like supernova remnants
- 2009: HESS is ranked in the top ten high-impact astronomical facilities worldwide (see Madrid & Macchetto 2009)
- 2007: European Union Decartes Prize awarded to the HESS Collaboration

All Publications (linked via the NASA ADS website search)


Major Research Grants - Total $3800k

- 2017-2021 $1390k ARC Linkage Infrastructure LE170100104 CI: Rowell, et al
- 2016-2016 $150k ARC Linkage Infrastructure LE160100094 CI: Burton,..Rowell et al.
- 2015-2015 $270k ARC Linkage Infrastructure LE150100070 CI: Rowell, Burton et al.
- 2012-2014 $315k ARC Discovery DP120100158 CI: Burton, Rowell
- 2012-2016 $750k ARC Linkage Infrastructure LE120100158 CI: Burton, ..Rowell, Dawson et al.
- 2011-2011 $150k ARC Linkage Infrastructure LE110100038 CI: Burton, ..Rowell, Dawson et al.
- 2010-2012 $130k ARC Discovery DP1096533 CI: Rowell, Dawson; PI Aharonian
- 2006-2011 $657k ARC Discovery DP0662810 CI: Rowell (QE-II Fellowship)


- Honours astrophysics (gamma-ray and cosmic-ray detection; the interstellar medium)
- Third year physics (statistical mechanics)
- Second year astrophysics (space science and astrophysics)
- First year physics: Astronomy
- First year physics: Physics for Life and Earth Sciences (Waves, Sound, Modern Physics)
- First year physics: Physics, Principles and Applications (Thermal Physics)
- Current Students (2017): 4 PhDs, 3 MPhil., 2 Hons.