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The Opening of the CANGAROO II Telescope and the Launch of CANGAROO III

On Tuesday May 9th 2000 at 11:30am at our G Range site the Cangaroo II telescope was officially opened by His Excellency The Ambassador for Japan Mr Masaji Takahashi. The occasion was hosted by the Vice Chancellor of Adelaide University Professor Mary O'Kane. The New system of four 10m telescopes called Cangaroo III  was launched. The facility was open to the public including school students. This was a National Science Week event.

On Wednesday May 24 at 6pm there will be a follow up reception at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo hosted by Ambassador Peter Grey to which Japanese members of the Cangaroo group and representatives from the Japanese government, University of Tokyo, industry and the press have been invited.

Pictures from the Event

The moment of opening... Ambassador in the centre, Dr Blake on the left, Area Administrator Mr. Joe van Homelen lower centre [800x545, 219KB, JPEG]

Crowd of 80 people present including 20 Woomera school students and 4 "explainers" from The University of Adelaide for National Science Week [441x294, 116KB, JPEG]

Adelaide University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Mary O'Kane and Ambassador Masaji Takahashi [890x464, 215KB, JPEG]

Our distinguished group from the left: DVC(R) Edwina Cornish, VC Mary O'Kane, Ambassador Takahashi, Director ICRR Totsuka, Prof. Tadashi Kifune, Exec. Dean Alistair Blake [800x598, 213KB, JPEG]

Dr. Alistair Blake and Prof. Yoji Totsuka (the two Deans) [491x316, 102KB, JPEG]

Similar shot to above including Dr. John Patterson on the right [836x595, 259KB, JPEG]

Ambassador Takahashi [207x342, 61KB, JPEG]