Paddy McGee's Terragen page

This page presents some results obtained with Matt Fairclough's Terragen package. It really is just a snippet of the results that may be obtained with a modicum of effort; there is much, much more that can be done...

Click on an image for a larger version.

Plains 1 : an interpretation of African ambience (41k)


Plains 2 : similar scene, different clouds (20k)


Pools 1 : artificial ponds in a barren, yet peaceful, landscape... (39k)


Pools 2 (30k)


Canyon : a sheer cliff face, and the late afternoon sun beams through an old, eroded river canyon (19k)


Fingers (43k)


Spiral Mountain : as the name suggests; or, a huge dog coil... (27k)


Crater Lake : upwelling water in a vaguely tropical mountain scence (117k)


The Face on Earth : a portrait used as a height-field, with water added (96k)


JazzClub : a test image for using text as a height-field (154k)


Desperados : another text-based height-field test (30k)


Binary 1 : an imaginary apres ski scene in a binary star system (54k)


Binary 2 : same terrain file, different suns and camera location (47k)


Tertiary 1 : an imaginary lake-side view on an imaginary planet in the real triple star system Omicron 2 Eridani (35k)


Tertiary 2 : same planet, different location. The main star in the system is hidden by clouds to the left of the image (96k)


Viola Sideria : based on a location from one of Cordwainer Smith's short stories (31k)


Planet : same sort of low-orbit view. One may note that both planets enjoy extremely clear skies (22k)


Looking for Zorg : a blatant rip-off from The Fifth Element. The sphere was generated in POV-Ray (61k)



Terragen animations