Terragen animations

Here are a few animations created using Terragen, the Campath camera editor for Terragen, and Bink to produce the video files (which have been converted to AVI format for this page). These files are a bit on the hefty side, so be warned before happily downloading them...I will try to get the files smaller than they currently are.

Where possible, there is a multiple-thumbnail image showing the start, middle and end of the animation. Below that is a brief description of the movie, and then the link to the AVI file.




Moving camera, clouds and sun; camera position loops back to original position (12.6 sec) (795k)




The height-field for this is based on an image of the Orion Nebula. The usual brighter-is-higher convention is reversed; stars are pits, and the bright part of the nebula is a shallow, irregular valley; the Trapezium clustre is a small pool (15.9 sec) (1,106k)



Download avi (1545k)

Download ZIP (1150k)

A sort of African scene; moving clouds and setting sun (16.1 sec) (1,545k)



Download avi (1551k)

Download ZIP (1217k)

Same terrain, different clouds (16.1 sec) (1,551k)



Download avi (2998k)

Download ZIP (2289k)

Through a canyon, up to the plains, and back down again. The initial and final camera positions are the same, but the sun and clouds have moved during the sequence (26.5 sec) (2,998k)



Download avi (1545k)

Download ZIP (1121k)

Sunset on Earth after the sun has started to grow to a red giant... (14.4 sec) (1,545k)




Uses the native Terragen camera path editor; has a fixed camera target-point. Note the lack of a bounding landscape at the far end of the lake near the start of the sequence (13.3 sec) (3,123k)





As above; mountain scene with just a short fly-by (6.7 sec) (1,559k)