Pictures taken at the Observatory

This page shows some of the CCD images taken at the Observatory. It is not a complete record- more a representative survey. There are a few somewhat rarer objects, and a swag of old chestnuts...

Keep in mind that the Observatory is in a rather light-polluted location. It is, ironically, in one of the most brightly-lit areas of campus, and this situation only gets worse as time goes by...Also, it is near the middle of town, and although Adelaide is not a large city, the skies are fairly bright. On a good night, in the darkest bits of the sky, the naked-eye limit would be around 4.5. On a poor night, and when there is a game on at the Adelaide Oval, one may barely see 2nd-magnitude stars when looking to the west.


Clusters and stars from U.A.O.

Nebulae from U.A.O.

Galaxies from U.A.O.

Solar system objects from U.A.O.