QCD Visualizations in Magazines, Books, Reports and on the Web

The following list captures a few of the more significant opportunities where visualizations and animations of QCD phenomena have been presented by other authors to bring the excitement of the field of Lattice QCD to the broadest audience possible.

  1. ``Quantum Beauty: Real and Unreal'' Prof. Frank Wilczek, Cambridge University Press (2012) Contributed an image of the http://www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/theory/staff/leinweber/VisualQCD/Nobel/QCD Vacuum action density.

  2. ``Ask a Nobel Laureate: Q&A for Nobelprize.org''. Featuring Professor David Gross, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Physics (2010). Contributed on-line animation of QCD vacuum structure for promotional video. http://nobelprize.org/ and http://www.youtube.com/thenobelprize

  3. UK Institute of Physics promotional Booklet. Nina Hall (2010). Contributed a quark-interaction visualisation to the back cover of the booklet.

  4. ``Discover Magazine,'' a popular science magazine based with a US circulation of 800,000.. Adam Hadhazy, Rebecca Horne, Discover Magazine (2010). Contributed a QCD flux-tube image in support of an article on gluons. The associated animation is available at

  5. Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Annual Report. Shandra Williams, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (2009) Contributed QCD vacuum structure visualization.

  6. ``Science''. Andreas Kronfeld. Contributed proton structure visualization. Science, 322 (2008) 1198.

  7. ``Spektrum der Wissenschaft,'' a German scientific monthly and affiliate of Scientific American. Contributed proton structure visualization to an article about proton spin. Spektrum der Wissenschaft, December 2008 issue.

  8. ``The Lightness of Being''. Frank Wilczek Contributed QCD Lava Lamp visualization. Published by Basic Books (2008)

  9. ``From Paradox to Paradigm''. F. Wilczek. Contributed visualization of QCD vacuum action-density structure. Les Prix Nobel. The Nobel Prizes 2004, Editor Tore Frängsmyr, [Nobel Foundation], Stockholm, 2005.

  10. ``Lattice QCD''. Kurt Riesselman et al.. Contributed visualization of QCD vacuum action-density structure. ``Symmetry Magazine, published jointly by Fermilab and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Facility (SLAC)'' (2005)

  11. ``Física de Partículas, Viaje al Interior del Protón''. Bruno Juliá Díaz. Contributed two visualizations of proton structure as revealed in lattice QCD. Heraldo de Aragon, Tercer Milenio #447, 24 April 2007.

  12. ``University Physics,'' First Edition. Wolfgang Bauer and Gary Westfall. Contributed visualization of the vacuum topological charge density, McGraw-Hill (2007).

  13. ``Journey Into the Heart of Matter''. Argonne National Lab, et al.. Contributed visualization of a meson ``flux tube''. Office of Science, U.S. Department of Energy.

  14. ``Canadian Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan'' Garth Huber et al. Contributed visualization of a meson ``flux tube'' Canadian Subatomic Physics Long Range Plan, 2006.

  15. ``Hadron Physics''. I. J. D. MacGregor and R. Kaiser. Contributed cover image of the baryonic flux-tube distribution. In ``Hadron Physics,'' Scottish Graduate series (Chapman & Hall/CRC, Taylor & Francis) 2006.

  16. ``UKQCD/IBM/Columbia QCDOC Lattice QCD Machine''. Harry Yeates et al.. Contributed visualization of QCD vacuum structure. ``PC Plus Magazine (www.pcplus.co.uk), published in the UK '' (2005)

  17. ``Proceedings of the 58th Scottish Summer School in Physics''. Ralf Kaiser et al.. Contributed visualization of baryon flux tubes. ``Published by Institute of Physics Publishing, UK'' (2005)

  18. ``The Search for QCD Exotics''. Alex R. Dzierba et al.. Contributed cover page visualization of meson flux tubes. ``Postepy Fizyki (Advances in Physics), Polish Physical Society'' (2005)

  19. ``Physicists probe the proton''
    Derek Leinweber and Cheryl Jones
    ``Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (APAC) Research using the National Facility 2001-2002'' p. 21 (2002)

  20. ``Las trituradoras de números''
    Abraham Alonso et al.
    Contributed visualization of QCD vacuum structure.
    Cartas MUY Magazine, Madrid, Spain, No. 241 (2001) 154

  21. ``Annual Report of the South Australian Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics''
    D. B. Leinweber
    ``The Physicist,'' Vol. 38, No. 2 (2001) 51

  22. ``Annual Report of the South Australian Branch of the Australian Institute of Physics''
    D. B. Leinweber
    ``The Physicist,'' Vol. 37, No. 2 (2000) 68

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