Web Page Projects

  1. ``Visualisations of coherent centre domains in local Polyakov loops''
    F. M. Stokes, W. Kamleh and D. B. Leinweber.
    Reveals the evolution of centre clusters in local Polyakov loops as a function of HMC evolution time. As the temperature of the system passes through the critical temperature of deconfinement, the manner in which the domains change is revealed.
    December 2013

  2. ``Visualizations of Quantum Chromodynmics (QCD)''
    D. B. Leinweber
    Includes animations featured in Prof. Frank Wilczek's 2004 Nobel Prize Lecture
    May 2003

  3. ``Origin of Mass''
    D. B. Leinweber
    Aug 2001

  4. ``Visual QCD Archives''
    D. B. Leinweber
    September 1999

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