Non-Perturbative Methods Workshop Program
Program for the
Workshop on CP Violation
July 3 - July 8 1998

All talks will be held at the CSSM, Level 4, 10 Pulteney Street, at the corner of Pulteney St./North Terrace; Map Ref. Q12
Friday, July 3 1998
8.30am: Registration
Session Chair: X.G. He
Time Speaker Title
9:00 N. Deshpande (Oregon) CP Violation in the Standard Model -1
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Alan Kostelecky (Indiana) CPT - violation
11:30 Elliott Cheu (Arizona) Neutral Kaon e'/e Current results and future measurements at Fermilab and CERN [ps file]
12:10 G. Finocchiaro (LNF) Status of projects at Daphne and KLOE
12:50 Lunch
Saturday, July 4 1998
Session Chair: M. Sevior
Time Speaker Title
9:00 D. London (Montreal) CP Violation in the Standard Model -2
9:40 Mark Palmer (Illinois) Current results and future prospects from CLEO
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Marco Paganoni (Milano) Measurements of B-decays from LEP
11:30 Tom LeCompte (Argonne) Measurements of B0 Decays to CP Eigenstates
12:10 S. Gardner (Kentucky) Isospin Violation in Hadronic B-decays
12:50 Lunch
Sunday, July 5 1998
Conference excursion to Cleland Wildlife Reserve and banquet at Woodstock Winery in McLaren Vale. A bus will leave the University at 1-30pm returning about 10-30pm. There will be a nominal charge of $40, including entry to Cleland, dinner, wine and bus. It's a bargain!
Monday, July 6 1998
Session Chair: R.R. Volkas
Time Speaker Title
9:00 W.-S. Hou (Taiwan) Theory of CPV in B mesons
9:40 Chunhua Jiang (IHEP, Bejing) Status of HERA B
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Tom Rizzo (SLAC) Rare K decays
11:30 Taku Yamanaka (Osaka) Measurement of Kl=> pi0 nu nu
12:10 Ed Frank (Harvard) Measurements of CP violation at BaBar [ps file]
12:50 Lunch
4:00 Coffee Break
Session Chair: B.H.J. McKellar
Time Speaker Title
4:20 Tom Browder (Hawaii) Measurements of CPV in BELLE
5:00 J. Hewett (SLAC) Rare B decays
5:40 G. Valencia (Iowa) CP violation at colliders [ps file]
Tuesday, July 7 1998
Session Chair: S. Pakvasa
Time Speaker Title
9:00 Petar Maksimovic (Harvard) Future Prospects for Measurement of CP Violation at CDF and D0
9:40 G. Eilam (Technion) CP violation in Top sector [ps file]
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 Geoff Taylor (Melbourne) Prospects for CPV at the LHC
11:30 E. Golowich (Uni. Mass.) Theory for CPV effects in Charm
12:10 Dan Kaplan (Illinois) Experimental projects for CP violations in Charm [ps file]
12:50 Lunch
Session Chair: T. Rizzo
Time Speaker Title
3:00 A. Mondragon (Mexico) The breaking of the flavour permutational symmetry: Mass textures and the mixing matrix
3:30 S. Mele (CERN) Experimental Constraints on the CKM Matrix [ps file]
4:00 Coffee Break
4:30 X.-G. He (Melbourne) B to eta' X_s(K) in the Standard Model
5:00 M. Scadron (Arizona) CP Violation
Note: Since Mr. Murray cannot come, the talk "Electrically charged magnetic monopoles as a source of time invariance and CP-violation: electric dipole moments and K-meson decays" will not be given. However, his supervisor and collaborator Prof. V. Flambaumis is pleased to discuss the paper with anyone interested.
Wednesday, July 8 1998
Session Chair: L. Peak
Time Speaker Title
9:00 S. Pakvasa (Hawaii) Theory for CPV in Hyperons [ps file]
9:40 Kam-Biu Luk (Berkeley) CPV Measurement with Hyperons
10:20 Coffee Break
10:50 B. McKellar (Melbourne) Baryon Asymmetry
11:30 V. Flambaum (New South Wales) Theory for Electric Dipole moments
12:10 R.R. Volkas Mass Hierarchies
1:00 Lunch

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