Locating PeV Cosmic-Ray Accelerators: Future Detectors in Multi-TeV Gamma-Ray Astronomy

Adelaide 6 - 8 December 2006

Adelaide University

The workshop will take place in the Bragg Lecture Theatre (Bragg Laboratories building), within the North Terrace Campus of the University of Adelaide. The North Terrace Campus is located at the northern end of Adelaide's city centre. Numerous city hotels and restaurants are located within a short walk. The map below indicates the location of the Bragg Lecture Theatre and also the Physics building.


Wireless Access at Adelaide University

Access to the University's wireless LAN must be made via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) client, which can be installed on your laptop. You can download the Cisco VPN client here:
Installation should be automatic once you execute the binary files. We will provide configuration and login details upon arrival at the University.

Physics Computer Room

You can also access the internet via terminals available in the Physics building (Rm 123 - 1st floor). We will provide login details.

Adelaide City Map

Here is a map of Adelaide's city centre, depicting the location of the University. Also included are Lincoln College and the Residential Wing (where we have pre-booked accomodation - hospital map.