Star wars POV-Ray page



Corvette 1 : modified mesh model of a Corellian corvette, converted to POV-Ray by Crossroads 3D. Turrets and radar modified to allow rotation and gun elevation (68k)


Corvette 2 : same corvette, with modified mesh Star Destroyers, a stock TIE droid, and POV-Ray planet and moon (72k)


Corvette 3 : top turret of the corvette firing at a TIE droid fighter (83k)



Corvette 4 : a corvette fending off a (3DS mesh) TIE Interceptor. Some motion blur added in post-processing (78k)


Corvette 6 : same ship. Cockpit interior has been added to this version of the corvette (64k)


The Chase : Star Destroyers and a custom-made Interdictor attempt to trap the corvette. A satellite image was image-mapped onto a POV-Ray sphere, with media used to simulate its atmosphere (63k)


Interdictor : a custom model based on a mesh Star Destroyer hull, and images found on the Web (62k)


Hunting Pair : an Interdictor and Star Destroyer (62k)


Executor 1 : The Executor and an ISD in tandem. Stock Executor mesh model converted by Crossroads 3D (53k)


Executor 2 : an aft view of the Executor (49k)


B-Wing : a refined POV-Ray model. Pilot model from a SWMA E-wing model file (72k)


Dogfight : and X-wing and a B-wing engage in a mock dogfight (73k)


Departure 1 : a Crossroads-converted mesh interplanetary transport (no textures, but with media engine glows) with Chris Colefax's Waterline model (49k)


Departure 2 : as above, with Chris Colefax's Lens effects for the sun's image and lens flare. Fog applied to both scenes (16k)


Refinery : a transport (here with textures) approaches an asteroid mine and refinery. Processing by The Gimp (85k)


Refinery 2 : a modified transport, with a YT-100 escort, head towards a land-based refinery (81k)


Swarm : a gaggle of raptors (from a 3DS mesh) launched from an Interdictor vessel (39k)