Pictures of the University of Adelaide Observatory

The Observatory is located on campus, amongst other buildings, and in a very well-lit location. It is part of the old Astronomy Building, most of which is currently one of the campus child-care centres. The walls are red brick; the dome is copper, and the floor is wooden (it's all 1950's vintage, I think...).

The Meade is located atop the pier and RA assembly of the mounting for an old Thomas and Cooke 8" refractor. Access to the Meade is via steps to an observing floor located several feet above the main floor, and access to the dome is via an external staircase around the building.

Both dome rotation and slit opening/closing are manual. This place has the Charles Atlas Seal of Approval.

Wide view, including the Observatory, 1st-year Physics and Union buildings


Closer view


The stairs up to the dome...


View from ground level, with the dome open and facing north-west


Inside: from floor level, showing the pier, steps, bottom of observing platform, and the Meade


Top of the pier/RA assembly with Meade, and observing floor


View of telescope and work benches on observing platform. Cosy.


Pier/RA assembly, adapter wedge and Meade


Closer view of LX-200 and 60mm refractor


60mm refractor and Meade, with SBIG CFW-6A and ST-6 CCD (with modified housing)


Similar view, from the east (facing west)


View from below; cables are run around the outside of the platform


View out of the slit. Note the security flood-light above the building to the left of the slit


The slit closed. Hand-wheels for each slit door are to the left and right edges of the image.


The winch that turns the dome...quaint, but effective, and good exercise


The power supply for the old telescope drive. A worthy relic, and good for B-grade boffin movies


Thanks to Sarah and Volker for the use of the digital camera used to take the images on this page.