List of model authors

The following is a mostly complete list of authors of the various models that have been used for the POV-Ray images. These people are to be commended for making the results of their work freely available to others. My sincere apologies for any omissions or incorrect attributions in this list.

Mesh corvette: Maciek Swawinski / George Melori. Modifications: retexturing/ gun turrets/ radar/ gun fire

Executor : JarJar Thomas. Mods : retexturing/ lights/ engine glows

Interplanetary transport : Michael Hobson. Mods : engine glows/textures

POV-Ray corvette : Howard E. Day II / John Dickson. Mods : textures/ elevating guns/ cockpit/ radar detail/ gun fire

B-wing : Dylan Beattie / John Dickson. Mods : textures/ cockpit

Star Destroyer : Dylan Beattie / John Dickson. Mods : textures/ engine glows/ lights/ surface detail/ bridge tower

Interdictor : based on ISD hull. Mods : GW spheres/ bridge tower/ guns/ engine glows/ lights

TIE droid : Darcy Johnston / John Dickson.

TIE interceptor : Mods : panel textures/ ion glows

Pilot figure (used in B-wing, corvette) : Howard Day

Asteroids : from the Celestia astronomy freeware package. Mods : pigment and surface normals

Asteroid refinery : Gilles Tran's Pipeset model

X-Wing : Dylan Beattie / John Dickson. Mods : textures

Escape pod : Dan North

Mars : Constantine Thomas. Mods : image maps, changes to cloud bump-map, changes to haze code

Millenium Falcon : Dylan Beattie

Sopwith Camel : Steve Welch (from a Moray file)

Small golden craft : Daniel Buck. Mods : textures

Golden zeppelin : from Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc. Mods : textures

Red ship (Earthport images) : Kayputk (from a Moray file). Mods : textures

Black planes (Earthport images, Wormhole) : from The 3D Studio. Mods : textures