General Objcets POV-Ray page


Buddha : the model for this came from the Web; the background was done in Terragen (83k)


Old Buddha : same model, but with surface bumps and a stone texture (61k)


Mizzens ahoy! : a 3DS sail ship, with plenty of extra textures, bump maps, and an image map. Not totally convinced about the environment, though...oh, well (93k)


Ghiza : the pyramids, on a dusty day, in much greener times. A 3DS file for the pyramids and surrounding land, a height field for the vegetation, and Sascha Ledinsky's file for the clouds (95k)


Ghiza 2 : same scene, but with two independent cloud layers from; for this, a copy of the .inc file was made, and all variables, etc., were renamed, and two #include statements were used in the POV-Ray code for the scene. If the variables in the second .inc file are not renamed, only the first of the #include statements will have any effect, and there will be only one cloud layer...(92k)