Here's my minimalistic webpage. Enjoy.

Welcome, btw, in case this was not at all obvious.

Personal things

A very small collection of personal things. It now contains two items, but I think the subjects are important enough to warrant it.

Linux things

This is a collection of linux documents and other miscellaneous things which I have collected or written. At this stage it's not much of a collection (more like an arrangement of letters which happen to spell out meaningful english sentences), but it's a start. The most recently added things are at the top.

Hardware/electronics things

Here you'll find a few pieces of computer hardware documentation and other electronic-related information which I have written. The newest things are at the top.

Links to interesting places

(As before, the most recently added links are towards the top. Maybe.)

These have not been checked in a long time. Most probably don't work.

Random ravings by the author

Long-time visitors to this page will note that the general layout hasn't changed all that much, which is fairly consistant with the way things have gone since 1996. However, I have finally removed the cheesy HTML stuff which has lived on here since 1996, but that's about it. Items continue to be added to the list of implemented things, but they are certainly not announced with a fanfair of superfluous graphical rubbish. For those who want dramatic layout changes, you've come to the wrong place - this page is more for information rather than for showing off the latest and greatest in HTML effects. I don't have time to do all that. Get used to it - life goes on :).

This page was last updated on 11 June 2013.

My name is Jonathan Woithe and you can send me an email if you like. The first part is jwoithe, and the domain is Put them together with an "at" symbol and you'll reach me. Alternatively, click here to send to my older address which attracts a mountain of spam due to its age.